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Second order. Uses Veripay for CC orders which could be a burden sometimes. I get a call the day after the order and the person says they will handle any problems with the order and give you a phone number and problem number to refer to when you call. They also give tracking numbers, but as we know they are usually of no use other than proof its been shipped. It does take a longer time, but that is to be expected (at least I've come to expect from all other OPs) You have to sign for the package after they hand off to local mail service.
Quality and price is first rate on my order. They give you at least one flattened box in foreign language and pack well. Product range is not as vast as other sites, but what they have is priced competitively and real. I did not use Cust Service, but liked the phone call, so it got a 4. The website is very easy to use and it should be given higher marks but for the range of products they offer, that must be to keep them out of trouble.

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(Updated: September 18, 2013)
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