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Product quality / site reliability (weighting = 40%)
Fake medicines are rare, but did this pharmacy ship low quality goods? How were the medicines packaged?
Ease of website use and range (weighting = 5%)
How easy was the website to use? Did they have a drug that was hard to find elsewhere?
Price (weighting = 30%)
How cheap was your order, including shipping?
Customer service (weighting = 10%. Optional)
How good was this pharmacy's customer service (if you had reason to deal with them)? Or else how well did the pharmacy keep you informed of the progress of your order by email?
Speed of delivery (weighting = 15%)
Did your order arrive in the timeframe the pharmacy specified? Was this a reasonable time to wait?
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Very fast delivery

Pros: Fast delivery

I ordered Roaccutane and received it within 8 days after I had paid $45 (35 for the medication and 10 for shipping) through VeriPayment for 30 x 20 mg. The medication was shipped from Istanbul, Turkey on the day of the order. The shipping was surprisingly fast! So, kudos to Aurapharm.

The packaging came in one of those bubble-wrap filled envelope that was enclosed in a bigger envelope. Inside the envelope was the medication as well as the (flattened) original Roaccutane box. The thing *looks* authentic and like the ones that I had when I was on the medication previously. The instructions on the blister packaging are in Turkish ("Roaccutane 20 mg yumusak jelatin kapsul Isotretinoin") with a smattering of English ("Pregnancy forbidden! Risk of malformation!"). I think the medication is manufactured in Switzerland (?) but I am not sure as I can't read Turkish.

Cons: Poor customer service

Customer service is a little slow and so-so. It took three emails before they replied to my inquiries about the shipping (I wanted the tracking number which they never gave). Even so, the replies were sporadic. I kept bugging them for the tracking number but gave up in the end. Don't bank on getting prompt replies.

Houston Damien
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Great product and customer service

This is my 4th order from Aurapharm. Products are always real and the customer service is excellent. Shipping is approx 15-20 days but at least you get the order and it's real, unlike other sites. This is the only site I will ever order from.

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Done with these people

I have a 50% failure rate with this pharmacy.

Their price on the medication I wanted was attractive, but communication was almost nonexistent once I placed my order. I did get them to give me a valid tracking number a couple of weeks after ordering.

I placed a second order, and after weeks of no communication, threatened them with a chargeback, a claim that my order had been lost, and an offer to re-ship. They promised to answer communications promptly. I gave them this second chance and they blew it completely. They never answered another email, even when I again threatened chargeback.

I finally just went ahead with the chargeback, and have heard nothing from them since.

Because of the successful chargeback, I lost no money from dealing with them, but I cannot use a pharmacy this unreliable, no matter how cheap their product is.

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Reliable pharmacy

Ordered twice from this pharmacy. They ship from turkey and because I live in europe the delivery time is alot better then when i order from, for example, an indian pharmacy.

First order arrived within 7 days. Well packed; the pills came in blisters along with the original packaging from the manufacturer. Second order took around 14 days, which is still very acceptable. I will soon be placing another order at this pharmacy.

Customer service is fine, but not perfect. I sent them two mails which both took 1-2 days to get a response. But this is forgivable because they ship fast and the products seem fine.

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Ordered medication from them 30 Days ago

Ordered medicine from this website 4 weeks ago. I order meds online often, and most web sites take 2 weeks, sometimes 3. This is my first time trying, and after this experience, it will be my last. I have been sending them e-mails asking what happened to my order every day for the past 5 days. I have emailed the sales department, AND info department. Have not received one single response back yet. I may eventually get the medication, if I do, I will add another review here, detailing how long it took . IF i even get anything at all. If you need your meds within a reasonable amount of time (for me, that's 2-3 weeks from Europe) , then you better order from somewhere else. They need to work on their customer service, because a simple response telling me what is going on, and I would have held off on placing this review. Stay away from Aurapharm

chris yesnick
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pretty good

order placed easily online using my cc. customer service was sometimes ok and other times i would receive no response. price for the product ordered was very good imo. tracking had to be requested but i received easily. usps never updated tracking until the day i received. shipping was from turkey and took a little over 3 weeks which is the longest i've had to wait from a vendor. good quality product. package had to be signed for as it came registered mail. packaging was very good for the size order i placed. order placed 4/4/11 order shipped 4/7/11 received 4/30/11.

cindy bonair
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i would not use again

i think their meds are legit and they are good prices compared to american. but i still will never deal with them again. ordered from them three times so have plenty of experience. i would not use them again because they take so long to send meds, they send a little of your order at a time, and you have to nag them constantly and threaten with a credit from the cc company to get them to send your order. this last time it took THREE MONTHS to get my order, a few boxes at a time. they have a good thing going here they just need to actually send what you pay for and communicate with you.

arabian princess
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100% legit. Authentic products

This is my 4th order from the site and they always deliver on time

The products are also 100% legitimate

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I ordered a brand name medicine described as such and listed as made by the brand name manufacturer as well. I was sent a generic equivalent manufactured by someone else. I could have easily gotten this generic from a number of vendors but ordered from this IOP only because they were offering the name brand. They do not respond to email nor does their payment processor. I would not recommend. Nonexistent customer service.

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Fantastic service

I ordered some Aricept from Aurapharm during the Christmas period, I expected a late delivery, but they arrived within a week!!
In addition, their customer service was very prompt when I had to change my order from 10mg to 5mg!
Products are excellent! Will definitely use them again. Thanks Aura.

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they were good

I got the product (t3 hormone) and it was legit. It was a generic from turkey and was cheap...came in the original packaging. However, their customer service is lacking. They never told me they sent it out and then when I emailed them they said they sent me an email with the tracking id. They didn't. But it was sent out so all is good. Prices are good.

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They collected funds over a month ago....Haven't heard a thing since.

(Updated: February 09, 2014)
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so far so good

Ordered 11/27, received 12/14. I ordered 6 packs of Accutane from them, and they sent it as two packages. I was worried when I got the first package and so that it was only half of what I ordered. So, I emailed them, and they replied swiftly. (The second package came two days later.)
I bought Accutane last month when they had 40% discount, but I heard that they extended the discount until new year.
To cut short this was my first overseas pharmacy experience and I am a very satisfied customer. Probably will order from them again.

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Second order. Uses Veripay for CC orders which could be a burden sometimes. I get a call the day after the order and the person says they will handle any problems with the order and give you a phone number and problem number to refer to when you call. They also give tracking numbers, but as we know they are usually of no use other than proof its been shipped. It does take a longer time, but that is to be expected (at least I've come to expect from all other OPs) You have to sign for the package after they hand off to local mail service.
Quality and price is first rate on my order. They give you at least one flattened box in foreign language and pack well. Product range is not as vast as other sites, but what they have is priced competitively and real. I did not use Cust Service, but liked the phone call, so it got a 4. The website is very easy to use and it should be given higher marks but for the range of products they offer, that must be to keep them out of trouble.

(Updated: September 18, 2013)
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This site used to be fairly reliable, although expensive and with limited choice. But when I tried to order a medication from them in June 2016, they were very slow, the medication arrived more than 50 days after the order. Meanwhile they did not respond to my emails and requests for a tracking number or confirmation of the shipment. Avoid

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I am counting it as a lost..

They sure are quick to run that credit card, then no response for over a month. I am in shock..

(Updated: February 09, 2014)
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Aurapharm turned scammers

I used them for years for medications but now they steal your money and don't ship your product and send you emails blaming their CC processing company for scamming you. Stay far away and if they make this right because I've sent numerous emails for 6 weeks asking them to i will let you know but don't lose your hard earned money with this company because they've turned scammer now

Paul Eckstein
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