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Product quality / site reliability (weighting = 40%)
Fake medicines are rare, but did this pharmacy ship low quality goods? How were the medicines packaged?
Ease of website use and range (weighting = 5%)
How easy was the website to use? Did they have a drug that was hard to find elsewhere?
Price (weighting = 30%)
How cheap was your order, including shipping?
Customer service (weighting = 10%. Optional)
How good was this pharmacy's customer service (if you had reason to deal with them)? Or else how well did the pharmacy keep you informed of the progress of your order by email?
Speed of delivery (weighting = 15%)
Did your order arrive in the timeframe the pharmacy specified? Was this a reasonable time to wait?
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Second order. Uses Veripay for CC orders which could be a burden sometimes. I get a call the day after the order and the person says they will handle any problems with the order and give you a phone number and problem number to refer to when you call. They also give tracking numbers, but as we know they are usually of no use other than proof its been shipped. It does take a longer time, but that is to be expected (at least I've come to expect from all other OPs) You have to sign for the package after they hand off to local mail service.
Quality and price is first rate on my order. They give you at least one flattened box in foreign language and pack well. Product range is not as vast as other sites, but what they have is priced competitively and real. I did not use Cust Service, but liked the phone call, so it got a 4. The website is very easy to use and it should be given higher marks but for the range of products they offer, that must be to keep them out of trouble.

(Updated: September 18, 2013)
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Done with these people

I have a 50% failure rate with this pharmacy.

Their price on the medication I wanted was attractive, but communication was almost nonexistent once I placed my order. I did get them to give me a valid tracking number a couple of weeks after ordering.

I placed a second order, and after weeks of no communication, threatened them with a chargeback, a claim that my order had been lost, and an offer to re-ship. They promised to answer communications promptly. I gave them this second chance and they blew it completely. They never answered another email, even when I again threatened chargeback.

I finally just went ahead with the chargeback, and have heard nothing from them since.

Because of the successful chargeback, I lost no money from dealing with them, but I cannot use a pharmacy this unreliable, no matter how cheap their product is.

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Reliable pharmacy

Ordered twice from this pharmacy. They ship from turkey and because I live in europe the delivery time is alot better then when i order from, for example, an indian pharmacy.

First order arrived within 7 days. Well packed; the pills came in blisters along with the original packaging from the manufacturer. Second order took around 14 days, which is still very acceptable. I will soon be placing another order at this pharmacy.

Customer service is fine, but not perfect. I sent them two mails which both took 1-2 days to get a response. But this is forgivable because they ship fast and the products seem fine.

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pretty good

order placed easily online using my cc. customer service was sometimes ok and other times i would receive no response. price for the product ordered was very good imo. tracking had to be requested but i received easily. usps never updated tracking until the day i received. shipping was from turkey and took a little over 3 weeks which is the longest i've had to wait from a vendor. good quality product. package had to be signed for as it came registered mail. packaging was very good for the size order i placed. order placed 4/4/11 order shipped 4/7/11 received 4/30/11.

cindy bonair
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4 results - showing 1 - 4