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This is 1st time I have used this pharmacy because the doctor I go to for Iron treatments said I had to. It has been a week since I was set up and told my iron would ship. I got a call tonight that my order had been put on hold because they needed payment. Which I totally get but why did they wait so long!!! Now I am being told it will next week till the doctor gets my iron for treatment. So at this point it will be almost 2 weeks since I was set up in the system until I can get my treatment. The women I spoke to could care less about the position they have put me in. I will never use them again. The lack of communication and speed of delivery is terrible. I understand that to them it is just Iron but I am currently very low and im in need of my treatment.Because of this delay my iron levels dropped again and I will need additional treatments than what I have scheduled. I will be looking for a new doctor because as well I refuse to have to go through this process again.

Corey testa
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