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Previous review:  
This is 1st time I have used this pharmacy because the doctor I go to for Iron treatments said I had to. It has been a week since I was set up and told my iron would ship. I got a call tonight that my order had been put on hold because they needed payment. Which I totally get but why did they wait so long!!! Now I am being told it will next week till the doctor gets my iron for treatment. So at this point it will be almost 2 weeks since I was set up in the system until I can get my treatment. The women I spoke to could care less about the position they have put me in. I will never use them again. The lack of communication and speed of delivery is terrible. I understand that to them it is just Iron but I am currently very low and im in need of my treatment.Because of this delay my iron levels dropped again and I will need additional treatments than what I have scheduled. I will be looking for a new doctor because as well I refuse to have to go through this process again. 
Updated review:
So after much conversation my infusion should of arrived at my doctor today by noon. I call the doctor and they don’t have it. At 1pm est I call Bio plus talk to a customer service rep who puts me on hold for 15 minutes to come back and tell me that my order did not ship. That there was an error and it was not their fault but they are hoping it ships today. I asked why I was not called or informed. Why my doctor was not informed and he again told Me it was not their fault! I ordered from you! As I was on hold your hold music told me what great customer service you have?? Really? Not feeling it. So hopefully I will get my infusion delivered tomorrow to the doctor. 

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