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Cheapscrips selling fake ALP

I went back and forth on this IOP. They weighted about 50-50. Since they sold ALP 2mg, I decided to give them a try. The transaction was quick and delivery was in 10 days. They sent Pex-2 in blister packs (white round with no lines). I take one 1mg ALP about every other night to sleep and have a good idea as to effect and timing. The pills tasted chalky with a slight bitterness. Again, this is still in the realm of real. Night one 3 hours in and no effect. Night two no effect. Night 3 I took 2 two hours before bed and no effect. When I went back to the site I noticed they had a disclaimer that any complaints would not be "entertained" since only an addicts would feel no effect. Seriously, look it up. Caveat emptor for not ready their hardline wording.

I contacted them and they were quick to respond and asked for pics that showed blister pack with batch number. I waited five days and no reply. I then emailed again and was told that the manufacture had not received any complaints on this batch and declined to replace. They were polite and I was ripped off.

I just wanted to share this. After lengthy reading after my experience I have seen a number of postings that Pex-2 are becoming faked more often.

IOPs that don't stand behind their products do not deserve patronage.

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