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Very impressed. Legit products and good, speedy service. I will use them again.

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Dexter Smith is a member of the Pharmacy Reviewer forum
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Good Experience

my sis ordered some pills which she received this monday. its not the first time ordering from them but this time delivery was super fast. impressed with the service and quality of items.

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AWFUL first time experience in 2016 with this comp

Back in 2016 I purchased 150 supposedly branded Activis Zopiclone 7.5mg from this website, and when I received them and tried one - they most definitely were NOT from Activis (as I had some prescribed by my GP still in my bedside drawer).
They both looked like the same pills with the box/packaging were identical.. but the effects I got in comparison from my GP prescribed ones were totally different.
I don’t think they were from Activis & they definitely were not 7.5 mg strength. They had some kind of sedative ingredient, but had no usual metallic zopi taste at all.

So emailed them and said I wasn’t happy with the product and I think they are possibly fake, explaining all my reasons above, to which I was sent a reply 2 weeks later saying my enquiry was being passed to their processing team for review, and somebody will contact me as soon as possible.

Long story short, four months down the line and me sending around 10 emails, to the point where I informed them I was going to (and actually did) report them to consumer Trading Standards file a report with a local watchdog Association, and process a chargeback refund with my bank for the £130 I paid for 150 fake zopiclones.

Never heard anything back from them. I emailed them telling them to take me off their subscription list (as they still had the balls to email me “promotions” for customers), and to basically Eff Off with their fake Mickey Mouse website.

Then only up until 4 months ago I started getting promotional emails from them again, out of the blue, totally unexpected.

So I decided to place an order, as they had a very competitive and ludicrous offer of a 50% discount on all products if you pay with bitcoin.

So ordered 90 alprazolam 1 mg for £43! To my utter shock and surprise they arrived 3 days later and were completely genuine 100% and were fantastic!! Although, they have Pfizer brand of alprazolam shown on their website.

So I ordered exactly same order again, and 3 days later I received another 90 alprazolam 1 mg again. The same brand as the first ones. Perfect!

So I recently (in the last week) purchased some zopiclone 7.5 mg from them. I know I’m taking a very big risk with my very bad experience back in 2016 when they sold me fake ones, then never resolved my my complaint at all. But I paid again £43 for 90 7.5mg Zopiclone.

This will be a big test they are not the Activist brand which they still advertise on their website, they are in fact the blue HAB blister packs Zop 7.5 mg zopiclone. So I shall update my review in the next couple of days to let you know how these go as I am very very intrigued reading through views on this site, and users negative experiences with this specific brand HAB. Thanks.

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