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It's not easy to find zopiclone online without a prescription but i really thought i had found a genuine source as all the previous reviews were overwhelmingly positive. The minimum order is 30 tablets which don't come cheap and the total amount including courier delivery was just under 240 CAD. The tablets were delivered in a padded envelope 3 days later and at first looked genuine as they were brand named and in blister packs as you would expect. The blister packs were wrapped in a layer of carbon paper and around that a layer of tinfoil presumably to avoid detection whilst passing through customs. Unfortunately these tablets seemed to have no effect whatsoever even when i doubled up on the dose. This prompted me to do a little online research into the exact brand (zimovane) and i discovered that their are counterfeits in circulation and i was even able to compare the blister packs with some online samples of the real packaging and the fake ones and it seems that i was indeed sent the fake one. To make matters worst, i paid by bank transfer as my credit card has just expired and it seems from talking to my bank that i am unlikely to get my money back unless this online pharmacy decided to return the payment and as of now, anytime i contact the live support, they tell me to put my complain in an email but nobody is responding to my emails. Very frustrated right now and this is looking to have been a costly mistake for me. I should have known when they had 30 tablets minimum order that this was a scam. DO NOT buy from this online pharmacy.

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