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Product quality / site reliability (weighting = 40%)
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Ease of website use and range (weighting = 5%)
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Big Scam

Don't buy from this company, it's a big scam and fraud. The website indicated drugs are coming from New Zealand but upon getting my medication, it came all the way from India and United Kingdom and I paid with an e-check which was drafted from a United States checking account located in Florida. The medication I received was fake, made me sick, and I had to dump it. I never got my money back too. The medication I ordered took forever to arrive and when I finally got the medications, it was missing one victoza pen. When the pen was sent to me on another shipment it took forever to arrive. The company drafted money from my account when I've not even received my first order from the previous month saying it's my second month supply. I wish I did my research before placing an order with the company and I won't advise anyone to order with this company. The company tried to persuade me to take down my review and when I refused, my account was disabled.

Sherri Allison
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tenebroust is a member of the Pharmacy Reviewer forum
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satisfied with my order

I have ordered several meds from this site and have been happy with the service. Discreet packaging and standard wait for international shipping, no hiccups.

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H20shed65 is a member of the Pharmacy Reviewer forum
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Excellent Service & Products

I have ordered several OTC products from this vendor, primarily Ibuprofen & Low Dose Codeine and have been thrilled at their excellent communication, fast shipping and product quality. They have a somewhat unusual tiered system for ordering products. Items that are non controlled are generally available with CC online after a quick review. Items which are CDS V here in the US but OTC elsewhere are placed in something called Pharmacy Hold, which requires a bit more information prior to shipping. The third tier would be Online Physician Consultation for certain mefications, most which would be considered CDS V here in the US or rarely CDS IV.

These meds apparently require an online consultation and can be purchased by e-check only. This vendor places a very strict limit on how much of these types of meds you may order at any one time. So, if you order 192 QTY Ibuprofen/Codeine Tablets they will ship only 32 or a 7 day supply at one time until your order is completely filled. I had one small mixup with them. They shipped me the wrong medication. I sent them a nice e-mail & picture and they immediately apologized and shipped me the correct item at no charge.

If you are looking for a lot of controlled drugs, shop elsewhere. If you are looking for a reliable, albeit not the cheapest vendor who carries a small but sufficient assortment of RX meds with fast shipping and great service, this place may be worth a look.

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