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Excellent Service & Products

I have ordered several OTC products from this vendor, primarily Ibuprofen & Low Dose Codeine and have been thrilled at their excellent communication, fast shipping and product quality. They have a somewhat unusual tiered system for ordering products. Items that are non controlled are generally available with CC online after a quick review. Items which are CDS V here in the US but OTC elsewhere are placed in something called Pharmacy Hold, which requires a bit more information prior to shipping. The third tier would be Online Physician Consultation for certain mefications, most which would be considered CDS V here in the US or rarely CDS IV.

These meds apparently require an online consultation and can be purchased by e-check only. This vendor places a very strict limit on how much of these types of meds you may order at any one time. So, if you order 192 QTY Ibuprofen/Codeine Tablets they will ship only 32 or a 7 day supply at one time until your order is completely filled. I had one small mixup with them. They shipped me the wrong medication. I sent them a nice e-mail & picture and they immediately apologized and shipped me the correct item at no charge.

If you are looking for a lot of controlled drugs, shop elsewhere. If you are looking for a reliable, albeit not the cheapest vendor who carries a small but sufficient assortment of RX meds with fast shipping and great service, this place may be worth a look.

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