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My 1st Order~

Thank You, All: I truly appreciate the opportunity to, "Thank You,", for the remarkably speedy delivery and wonderful customer service I've received from your company, since I became another loyal customer, recently. I look forward to many years' association, at least as long as I'm on the medicines that you offer to us all at such terrific bargains, compared to the USA's soaring pharmacy costs. From the time I placed my order to the time I received my order, only 11 days had passed. My postman remarked on the postal return address {from India--he was very impressed that I was corresponding with folks from the other side of the planet!} I was Very Impressed with the rapid follow-up confirmation {via email}, the copies of my prescriptions included in my order, and the overall proficiency and professional courtesy extended to me by your company, that I've come to expect, when placing any order online. I'm very grateful that I discovered, too. It was they, who first introduced me to my excellent new pharmacy, '' Thanks again. Respectfully yours, JJ2007
[Addendum received by email October 29, 2009: The meds I ordered from turned out to be total trash (Generic Valsartan aka Brand Diovan-80 mg). What I thought was a wonderful price for generic Diovan wound up sending me to the ER for extremely elevated B/P reading! Not to mention the fact that their knock-off version of Diovan provided the additional side-effects of my hair beginning to fall out. In all of my years of using the brand-name Diovan, my B/P readings were always in the acceptable excellent ranges and that awful side effect of my hair loss had NEVER occurred! I guess the old adage, "You get what you pay for..." must really be true, especially when dealing with unknown out-of-country pharmacies. Who knows what horrible additives they may use in their non-FDA approved drug formularies? I have certainly learned my lesson regarding trying to save a few bucks vs learning how to die the stupid way.]

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