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First a little about security. If you use ANY free public email like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, to name a few. You are screwed anyway. I have friends in high places and get some good info from them. Pay for a private domain. They are much safer. Encrypt if possible with PGP and get Thunderbird mail client.

Never pick an online Pharmacy that uses the word "Drug" or "Drugs" in their title. If you do, the three letter agencies have you. Rx and Meds seem to be ok at this time. But I will stay on top of it.

Offshorerx and MedsIndia are both excellent places to purchase products from. 5 stars across the board. I have used the both many times. The latter for over 10 years on and off, never a problem of anykind and there meds are just as good as what you get from a local Pharmacy, sometimes even better. They usually don't show up on search engines so you have to look for the specificaly.

(Updated: June 22, 2013)
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