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Pharma Energy have closed down

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A+ but no more codiene-related product?

Great company w/ terrific customer service--helped me straighten out a problem my bank was causing & were very patient about it; quick delivery--my 3 packages were mailed 2 days following my initial contact and were actually in the U.S. within 2 days; then it took a couple-three more days for USPS to deliver (2 at once then the 3rd the next day), but PE has no control over that. Alas, it looks like codiene products have been wiped out world-wide; can only hope it'll be temporary. Apparently my order--made about June 18--was one of the last to squeak thru before legal changes?

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No longer selling codeine products

This is an awesome website with great customer service. The only problem is as of 6/28/09 they are no longer selling the Azur or Klipal (aka all codeine products) on their website. The only pain reliever they offer from now on is Tramadol. (this also goes for Pharmedics because it is the same company).

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wow 4 days

wow, i ordered some codeine (klipal) I was worried about some these reviews.

Forget that, I received 2 emails, 4 days later i received my order in the mail.

It blew me away. They event sent me a prescription withe the medicine. I say

woohoo, go pharmaenergy.

dan way
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Good service

Overall, great service and delivered within 2 weeks. I am very pleased. Use this company. They are the real thing. I will be ordering again soon.

Gregg Black
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I had ordered from this website several times in the past--prices were reasonable and I always received the orders in a timely manner. However, since this past August 24, I have had 3 orders shipped--two original orders plus one that was resent because I did not receive the original one. I used their online customer service and they admitted that shipping via the US Postal Service was becoming a problem. Apparently, the packages are arriving in the US but never get to the the customer's address. They are considering using FEDEX in the future. My advice would be DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS PHARMACY UNLESS THEY CHANGE THEIR SHIPPING METHOD.

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Efficient staff but sometimes drugs are not delive

I had been ordering regularly from this website. Their prices are reasonable and their customer service staff is polite and efficient. However, recent orders have not been received by me. I have been able to track them to the US via Deutsche Post but the USPS seems to have no record of them after they arrive in New York--no fault of the pharmacy as the packages have clearly been sent out in a timely manner. I'm not sure if there is a problem with customs or whether this is simply due to the inefficiency of the USPS. (Or the dishonesty of USPS employees...)

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Think twice

I ordered twice the Klipal after being told all paperwork will be sent for customs and it should be to me in @ 2 weeks. The shipment was "sent" twice but never left New York USPS and pharaenergy didn't have a record of it or any information on it. They will only resend it once then they have to issue a refund-which entails then getting a massive amount of bank and personal information. They wouldn't let me use the credit towards another order and I NEVER got an answer on why the package didn't arrive and why they had no informaton on it, My guess it was stopped by customs. Customer service was prompt and nice but not at all helpful in tracking TWO shipments. BUYER BEWARE>

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Ordered some codicompren with no trouble. Seems like a good site for pain drugs.

Graham Jones
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