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Be very, very careful

This company is fine as long as you don't have a problem with an order. Then all communication stops. They don't return emails, they don't have any other way to contact them. If you have orders pending there is no way to cancel them. They are laundering the money through people who have no connection with them. So if you don't get your order and do a charge back, some innocent person or company gets dinged for the money and Pharmaoffshore won't send any more of your orders even if you paid for them. I'm not sure how they're doing this scam, but I talked personally to the first person this happened to and am currently trying to get in contact with the second. I use PayPal and since every vendor the money sent to is listed as a different person there's no way to block them. I estimate I'm out about $700 and think they should be blacklisted.

(Updated: November 29, -1)
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