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Planet Drugs Direct

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Customer's Positive Review

Shopped here for years....never a problem. Great discounts offered that
other websites have not matched. My particular med has best price at
Planet Drugs so I will return again. Thank you Planet Drugs staff!

Caroline Blake
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They should name this company garbage drugs. The quality level was located somewhere in the toilet.

Mickey Pawlik
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great service

Product is great and so is the service. Was helped by Rosanna is she was familiar with all aspects of the products and how to handle the transaction. The only drawback for me is the wait time, three to four weeks. PDD calls me thirty days in advance so I'm not out. Keep up the good work.

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Planetdirectdrugs is best

I have recently ordered Rx drugs from planetdrugsdirect and very much happy with their service.Cheap prices, discount offers and free shipping are the great comfortable services by them. I have ordered Propecia recently and happy with their on time delivery.

(Updated: March 05, 2014)
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Reliable online pharmacy

Planet drugs direct is extremely affordable and reliable online pharmacy, I can say this as I have been using their service from last 3 years and satisfied with their approach.If you are searching for online pharmacy which can offer you all type of prescription and non-prescription drugs then this is perfect destination for you.

(Updated: January 28, 2014)
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Difficult ordering

I have been trying to order from Planet Drugs for almost 2 weeks. At first I couldn't get a fax through to them. I then took a photo and sent that in. They could not find it. I then faxed the original prescription. I just got a call from them saying they have received the faxed prescription, but now require that I mail the prescription to them. By now I am out of the drug I need, and they have made me feel like a criminal. The medication I ordered is not a narcotic, it is eye drops.

(Updated: January 13, 2014)
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very helpful and reliable

I've used PDD for about 4 years now. Everything has gone very smoothly. I just now had to change a delivery address, and I didn't have any problems; got someone on the phone right away. If you don't mind getting generics, and can plan ahead to be sure you don't run out, thing should be fine for you.

(Updated: September 03, 2013)
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The scoop on "foreign" drugs

I started to make a short list of pharmaceuticals companies in India
that sell their drugs to our pharmacies here in the USA because so
many people seem paranoid about "foreign" prescription drugs. Some
of the more well known companies are: Abbott, Astra-Zeneca, Aventis,
Wyeth, Gentec, Beryl, Brawn, UniChem, Dr Reddy's, Gennex, Merck,
Glaxo-Smith-Kline, Vista, Novartis, Pfizer, etc.

Most insurance and medical plans, including medicare, insist on our
buying generic drugs, and most of these GENERIC as well as the
NAME BRAND drugs are made in other countries. The drug companies
may have corporate offices here in the USA, but their actual
products, like most other consumer goods, come from other countries.

(Updated: September 03, 2013)
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Great for Cancer Rx's

When I had breast cancer, my drugs put me in the medicare "do-nut hole" right away and I was stuck trying to pay for over priced drugs at our American pharmacies. Well, I could not pay those ridiculous prices so turned to out brothers up north for reliable help. They got my meds from the exact same company as our local drug store. The drugs are made in India for the USA and Canadian drug stores. It was just the pricing that was different.

Now my 18 year old grandson has no insurance not drug coverage, so we'll be getting his needed meds via Planet Drugs also.

In fact, even his dogs medical needs are cheaper through this company.

This is not a fake review. I live in Oregon and am 70 years old.

(Updated: September 03, 2013)
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You guys are full of shit

I am convinced your company is total bullshit and i also think that you guys make fake positive reviews. So glad im smart enough to NOT step into your trap.

(Updated: August 24, 2013)
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Incompetent, unethical, will take months to get your meds, take RX's fromn pharmacies and change the details of the original rx. Do not use!

(Updated: May 17, 2013)
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Customer over 4 years....

I've been a customer for over 4 years.
I buy Blood pressure ,COPD, & Statin drugs.
I have my blood checked every 2 months which would show any changes in my system.
I'm very pleased with Planet Drugs, and intend to continue with them. when I place orders.
Service is a bit slow, but I just allow for this

J.J. Kelly
(Updated: April 21, 2013)
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Just DON'T!

A nightmare experience of unanswered emails, bureaucratic roadblocks and frustration with their service. I met all the requirements from prescription from a reputable doctor to credit card, to five days of obsfucation. Lousy!!

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I ordered Singulair before going overseas and was told by the rep my meds may not arrive before my departure. I said that was OK, I'd just find them in my box when I returned 5 weeks later. There was still no medication in my box when I returned. When I called, they said my meds had been intercepted by the post office and they would reship. One month later, nothing. I call and it turns out they revoked my request for a reshipment via email!! THESE ARE ASTHMA MEDS< NOT CANDY!! and no one had the courtesy to call me and tell me they had not honored reshipment. As a result, I was waiting in good faith for one more month to receive med: nothing! I called and they told me my request had been revoked since I'd agreed to the "shipping risks." The shipping risks I agreed to were to not receive my meds IN TIME, not to NOT RECEIVE THEM AT ALL!! Planet Drugs sent me 2 emails saying essentially: too bad, we're taking your $90, here's $10 towards your next purchase!! I've spent hours on the phone w reps and can never get through to a cust servica agent, only get these infuriating emails saying thanks for writing, but still not honoring your reshipment. Two customer reps have now told me if the post office intercepted, I am entitled to a reshippment, but corporate renegs this promise, WHICH IS ALSO STATED AT THE BOTTOM OF THE ORIGINAL ORDER CONFIRMATION EMAIL!! Hence the title of this review: planet drugs: theives and liars! DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY, IF CUSTOMS or the USPS intercepts, your money will be lost, they will not replace!!

Liz McDonald
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Sent me unverifiable pill instead of brand name. F

Had been using this company for 3 months. First order of Wellbutrin 300xl was perfect. Good price, delivered 1.5 months after order. When my refill arrived, I was quite dismayed to see that they had substituted the brand name that I ordered with an unverifiable pill. Customer service kept passing me around for weeks. This pharmacy is unreliable at best, and quite possibly fraudulent. I would avoid ordering any important medications from them.

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New Customer

I am very pleased with this service, far farcheaper than so called discount meds here, highly reccomended.



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Totally Professional

Professionally run online pharmacy. I have recommended them to friends, family, and neighbors and am so glad my doctor mentioned them to me (she had had a few patients tell her how pleased they were with Planet Drugs and now I can report back to her at my next visit that the others are right).

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A Great Online Pharmacy

I've been with plandetdrugsdirect for over a year now and have had no regrets in making the decision to buy from their web site. I researched them before buying and the Pharmacychecker and CIPA seals prove their credibility. They let you know every detail concerning your order, which includes the average time it takes to complete your order and ship it to you also the price is spelled out to you as clearly as could be (I hate hidden shipping costs when I purchase online). I have recommended them to many of my friends and associates.

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Never again..Live and Learn

Never never again!!! Ordered Lexapro took over 3 weeks to receive.. Ridiculious, plus sent me another overseas brand name.. Not comfortable with that.. Will not take back returns.. They keep you on hold for over 15 minutes.. Sometimes doesnt pay to be penny wise and dollar foolish..

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Highly Recommended

Overall it has been an excellent experience. Their prices are great, their web site is easy to use; they answer email questions quickly. When I call them on the phone, they are courteous and thorough in their responses. The products ordered are delivered on time. My doctor recommended them to me and now my wife uses them as well. You will be happy with these guys.

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One to avoid

Planet Drugs Direct is located in New Zealand, so if you have a problem, you can not speak to anyone with authority to do anything on a real time basis. They have message takers in the U.S. which will type up any complaints and email them the headquaters in New Zealand. Apart from the obvious problem of explaining a complicated problem by email, they only guarantee a turn around time of 48 hours which makes it difficult to have a conversation if you disagree with their reply.

Also, Planet Drugs substitutes generics or manufactured under license by the manufacturer in place of in place of items manufactured directly by the original drug company. For example, on their web site they advertise Effient as being manufactured by the original drug company, Daiichi -Sankyo and they charge as if the product was manufactured by Daiichi-Sankyo. What I received was a product called Parsita which is manufactured by an Indian company Ranbaxy. While Planet Drugs Direct does not sell Prasita, other online drug companies offer it as a substitute for the original and charge less than half what Planet Drugs charges.

Best to avoid this out of the mainstream and unscrupulous company.

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Planet Drugs Direct

Had several issues and problems with the ordering process, but most importantly is the quality issue and customer service. The Canadian company was supposed to get the prescriptions from Denmark, but when it arrived our order had three different countries names on it, most disturbing, it was manufactured in Asia...not where we would call quality control a high priority. Notified PD and they weren't aware this came from all parts of the world and manufactured there...they were actually confused by all the labels on our order and they would not refund us or exchange from a "safe" country. Never again.

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Happy Customer

Highly recommended Canadian pharmacy. They are thoroughly professional, courteous and patient. Their prices are dramatically lower than the US and after 3 years I can report that the orders always arrive in a timely manner as long as you don’t expect overnight. My physician is recommending them to his other patients after I told him about them.

Stewart Cox
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Sure the meds are cheap from a Canadian service provider, but the business is registered in NZ and the meds come from India or Turkey.
Received shipping confirmation on 1st March by 4th April shipment had not arrived. Called company, waited 15 minutes on line to speak to someone who told me it was company policy not to give out surnames...! Given a shipping number and told to track my shipment. My post office told me it shipped on 21st March - 3 weeks aftewr shipping confirmation on 1st March AND it shipped from GERMANY. What's going here??? This company lies and provides diabolical service.

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planet drugs direct

When I placed my order I was told that they were behind and it would take up to 20 business days which wasn't a problem at the time because I had some medication left. The 20 business days came and went with no prescription . Now by this time I was out so I called to find out what was going on and now I was told the drug went on back order after my original due date ! So here I am being responsible and ordering my drug in enough time and Planet Drug can't be responsible on their end so I can receive it in time ! I need this medication on a daily bases for my thyroid and it can end up being serious and when I told this to their supervisor there was no understanding or help on her part. So too bad ! So the drug is now over a month out from when I requested it AND I AM TOLD IT WILL TAKE ANOTHER 20 BUSINESS DAYS TO GET BY MAIL !!!! THERE IS NO SHIPMENT OPTION EITHER JUST THE REGULAR . I am going back to my former pharmacy in Canada at Summit Pharmacy because in the 8 years of doing business with them NEVER a problem !

So what if Planet is a little bit less costly , paying a little bit more for reliability and customer service is worth it especially when it comes to my health !


kathleen ladish
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Good Prices, But Mixed Results with Product

I've used twice over the past two years. The first time I was supposedly dealing with a "Texas" based branch, the second time I dealt with the default Canadian one. The transactions were smooth and my doctor faxed the scripts in directly. The first time I ordered, I got the pills relatively quick (like they actually shipped out of Tx). The second time took about four weeks. However, the year gap between those orders had resulted in getting a different generic that wasn't as effective.

The first order came in a single box with all the blister packs. These were Venlafaxine 150mg XR. They were a yellow/clear pill labeled as VEN XR-150. Inside the pill were tiny spheres that filled it completely. These were VENLOR XR 150 by Cipla Pharma.

The second order came in three different boxes. These were Torrent "VenLift OD 150" pills. These are completely orange. They have the same tiny spheres that were in the VEN XR-150's, except they are half filled. These pills are made by Torrent but marketed by Cipla from what I can tell.

The first batch felt just like brand quality. Having used both brand Effexor 75mg and 150mg pills, I'm pretty accustomed to knowing the effects of the two dosages. The second batch definitely seems like a half dose. Whether the VEN XR-150's are just have more fillers, or the VENLIFT is in fact incorrectly filled, I don't know. I can tell the difference and will from now on request only VENLOR.

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3 Years Of Great Service

We've had nothing but high quality products, fast service and reasonable prices in dealing with Planet Drugs for our prescription medications, and that goes for for our cats as well.

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Excellent supplier..little slow on delivery but very reliable and real brand medicines.

ron kaplan
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Not good customer service and delivery.

I ordered my meds over a month ahead of time so they would arrive before my current Rx ran out. They state on the web site that orders are usually processed in 5 business days and then shipped. It took them 10 business days to process and ship, now my Rx will not arrive on time and I will be forced to buy a months supply just to get me through the few days in between. I called to see if they would send a new Rx with expidited delivery so they could keep their stated delivery time window, and they said they don't do that. How nice for them. So now I haven't saved any money using Planet Drugs Direct and in fact it will result in me paying more than if I had just bought from my local pharmacy. Also, I had to call the company several times to get the order placed originally due to their requirments for the priscriptions, and each time I was on hold for over 15 minutes to get to a customer service person. My advise would be to stay away from this company since they cannot deliver on their promises and have poor customer service when you have a problem. Dr. W.

Dr. Alan W.
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Great Pharmacy

If you want a pharmacy that exceeds expectations these guys are for you. Easy to use website, well trained representatives and savings all round on their products. One happy customer here.

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Excellent Online Pharmacy

We have been using this company for three years now. Straightforward ordering, friendly staff and ontime delivery. They have saved our family a ton of money, particularly their generics which often are not available in the US. A real lifesaver. Highly recommended.

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a complete waste of time

Don't waste your time with them. I ordered a generic version of an non-prescription over the counter treatment. I waited while they went through a very long processing. Then just over a week later they email and say I needed a prescription and must fax them the information. Far from impressed, my first time trying them and my last.

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I ordered Berocca Performance Orange over the Phone as their website was having problems. It is a fizzy vitamin supplement. I was told "there is only one flavor". I took that to mean that the orange was the only flavor. When it arrived, it was "original;" I called 3 times over the weekend but their computers were down and no one could help me. Today, I am told that they do not accept returns on "medication". I am now stuck with $200 worth of product I dont want and am waiting for a pharmacist to email me an explanation of why I cannot return the Berocca. Nice but totally inept and ineffective.

lynda field
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Fantastic Pharmacy, Awesome Experience

Planet Drugs Direct is superb! One of several websites operated by Coastal Canada Pharmacy Inc. (they all list similar addresses in British Columbia), but this one also lists an address in Houston, TX, and gives free first-class mail delivery on purchases. Planet Drugs Direct has an enormous selection of brand and generic products, some OTC and others requiring a prescription. Their website was easy to use, inspired confidence, and there were no hidden charges. I placed an order for sildenafil citrate (generic Viagra) and uploaded a digital photo of my prescription to their website (fax was an option as well). I received email confirmations when I ordered, again when I uploaded the scrip, and again 6 days later when they shipped the medicine, telling me to expect it in about 15 business days.

Like clockwork, 15 business days later (20 business days after placing the order), I received the unregistered, discreetly-packed medicine in my mailbox. The "generic Viagra" turned out to be the common brand Silagra, which is manufactured by Cipla Ltd. of India. Each box contained 4 strips of 4 tablets, and a standard informational insert. See the pictures I posted on photobucket, under my username "mks-magician".

The oval, violet-colored Silagra pills were scored, making them easy to break in half, and had the familiar bitter taste of sildenafil citrate. And they seemed just as effective and potent as genuine brand-Viagra. But at only one-tenth the price I'd have to pay for brand Viagra. This place had really low prices! I had previously obtained "Suhagra" brand pills elsewhere, which seemed less potent, and while they were marketed under the Cipla name, they were manufactured by someone else. The only visible difference was the color of the pills.

These Silagra brand pills from Planet Drugs Direct, though, seem great. I noticed that the blisterpack of the Suhagra included pricing in rupees, while the Silagra did not--my guess is that Silagra is an export product, while Suhagra is intended for the domestic (Indian) market.

No unexpected charges to my card and no junk email so far. Planet Drugs Direct was a perfect experience; I will definitely purchase refills and other medicines from them in the future, and I highly recommend them to you.

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