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planet drugs direct

When I placed my order I was told that they were behind and it would take up to 20 business days which wasn't a problem at the time because I had some medication left. The 20 business days came and went with no prescription . Now by this time I was out so I called to find out what was going on and now I was told the drug went on back order after my original due date ! So here I am being responsible and ordering my drug in enough time and Planet Drug can't be responsible on their end so I can receive it in time ! I need this medication on a daily bases for my thyroid and it can end up being serious and when I told this to their supervisor there was no understanding or help on her part. So too bad ! So the drug is now over a month out from when I requested it AND I AM TOLD IT WILL TAKE ANOTHER 20 BUSINESS DAYS TO GET BY MAIL !!!! THERE IS NO SHIPMENT OPTION EITHER JUST THE REGULAR . I am going back to my former pharmacy in Canada at Summit Pharmacy because in the 8 years of doing business with them NEVER a problem !

So what if Planet is a little bit less costly , paying a little bit more for reliability and customer service is worth it especially when it comes to my health !


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