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Completely satisfied with ProgressiveRX

My doc told me about ProgressiveRX, and they have lived up to all the positive reviews: stellar customer service, as-stated products, great prices. I am currently arguing with Aetna, who is determined that I should buy my meds from Walgreens for $1660 instead of the equivalent from ProgressiveRX at $60. ProgressiveRX shipping (3-4 weeks) is not exactly Amazon Prime speed, but that's something I plan for rather than complain about. And they don't have every med under the sun. But... a big "THANK YOU" to ProgressiveRX.

Russell Williams
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Checked it out

I took a chance with "generic" cialis from India. The shipment took about 3 weeks from the time ordered, which isn't too bad when coming from overseas. The medication arrived and I started on it (changed from Eli Lilly product). I was unsure if it was working due to having had a prostate biopsy. So...I sent one of the little blue pills to a lab for a quantitative analysis of tadalafil. The lab result were 5mg tadalafil, as ordered. The cost was a fraction of the non-generic cialis. The customer service was excellent and polite as well. Wow!

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Great company

Brand name product shipped form overseas. Great prices and customer service.

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Progressive Rx is the real deal.

Progressive Rx is the real deal. I had ordered before from generic4all but as some of you know that website went down and I believe has new ownership. The some stuff they sent me was great though and I was a little hesitant ordering from a new place. The pills from Progressive Rx are from a different manufacturer(Cipla) and called Tadacip. Tried it out and it worked great :) Shipping was lightning fast from India to US(Ohio) in 10 days. The only downside is you need a prescription but I got one from my doctor.

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Outstanding quality and service

I have to pay for prescriptions out of pocket and my migraine meds are expensive. I have been buying them for years from progressiverx and am thrilled with the quality and how much I save. You hear these false rumors about substandard quality from overseas pharmacies, not true. Big pharm wants to scare you to pay their high prices in the U.S. Wish all companies were as easy to do business with as

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New Customer & Very Happy

I'm new to ProgressiveRX and have been extremely pleased with the customer service, price of micronized progestone, and speed of delivery--which was faster than they stated. This is a local firm (for me) and that was a deciding factor in choosing ProgressiveRX. I am very happy with this company, and just lost my business.

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I love ProgressiveRX

I have been using ProgressiveRX for about 5 years. They are great and has saved me about 70% off the cost here in the states. They are HQ in Oregon but they get drugs from India and it takes a few days to arrive.

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Progressive Rx

The first time i ordered, i placed a small order for migraine meds - cost: $31 per pill in the US - after researching the company online. I used Progressive, became completely satisfied after my next migraine that they were legit, and ordered a larger order, at a cost of less than $6/pill. I get the largest dosage and split them, saving even more.

I wish there were a lot more companies as useful and agreeable as this, and a lot less pull on Google by Big Pharma to restrict returning Progressive in its results.

Colleen Miller
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THERE IS NOT TOO MUCH TO ADD HERE. MKS-Magician really hit the nail on the head. I have been using Progressive Rx for about 8 years. There medication is absolutely 100% quality and from the likes of Cipla, Zydus and Dr. Reddy's Pharma. Hayden the owner has personally emailed me on a few occasions to answer questions that I had. Folks this is a real, legit, quality company that is providing medication at far reduced prices. They have saved me thousands of dollars over the years.

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Great variety of medicines, good pricing

This is a supremely legitimate business. You can call them, you can email them, they've been written up by the San Francisco Chronicle, and they have a physical mailing address in Vancouver, USA. They "accept every major credit card as well as numerous other options." They even have a charitable foundation. And as you might expect from a transparent business, they DO require a prescription for Rx medicines: but they make it easy--you can fax it, or email a scan or digital photo of the prescription, or even a photo of your existing medicine bottle if you're seeking refills. All this, and yet they still have prices competitive with other top-grade mail-order pharmacies, and offer brand names, generics, and branded-generics (from overseas) that may be otherwise unavailable.

I couldn't resist ordering, and it was a breeze. They sent email confirmations at every step. Unregistered airmail was free. Half the medicine arrived in my mailbox from India a speedy 8 business days after I ordered it, and the remaining medicine arrived a week later. The medicine is exactly as I expected, and seems of good quality. They included a letter addressed to me, important medical information about the medicine (just as any responsible druggist would do), and a photocopy of my prescription as proof of legitimacy for customs inspectors, to avoid any delay. It is amusing that the return address gave the name of the founder of Progressive Rx as the sender, with a street address in Bangalore, India.

I am very satisfied with the service offered by Progressive Rx, the ease of ordering, the wide range of products available, and especially the speedy delivery! I have not received any junk-email or sales phone calls, nor noted any unauthorized charges on my bank card, to date. You can recommend this one to Mom & Dad.

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