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4.3 (20)
Mexican Pharmacy is a reliable looking website, but it is well-known as a scam site. There are multiple reports about them taking money without providing medicines.
3.9 (3) sells a big range including controlled medicines, ships out of India. Not trustworthy according to reviews left here in the past.
3.8 (7)
[Update September 20, 2018. Medstore Online have changed their domain to We have verified that it is the same business at the new address]. Medstore Online sells a wide range of medicines including many controlled medicines, such as phentermine for slimming, xanax and valium for anxiety. Also tramadol...
3.6 (291)
Meds Ranch closed in 2011.
3.3 (14)
My Pharm closed in 2009.
3.2 (16)
Meds Mex.
3.0 (49)
Meds 4 You
2.9 (22)
Meds India
2.9 (9)
Meds My Way has closed down.
2.6 (7)
My Meds On Time
This pharmacy belongs to a network of pharmacies (most are now defunct) that is known to scam their customers, usually by delivering fake medicines. The list of other pharmacies in this group is rather long: CHEAPMED4U.COm ...
2.5 (1)
Our research indicates you would be best to avoid this pharmacy. It might cost you a lot of time and money.
1.5 (54)
There are multiple reports by our forum users and on the wide net who were scammed by this pharmacy. They are known to send counterfeit drugs and employ persistent spam tactics. The pharmacy is closely related to - another scam website. 
1.2 (2)
A pharmacy, with multiple negative reports, that either sends fake medicines or fails to deliver at all. Persuades customers to send more money after they fail to deliver and sends spam. 
0.6 (5)
This pharmacy seems to be a selective scammer. Recently it had scammed several customers including some of our forum members, but the contact person of this pharmacy claimed it was his brother. Whether that is true or not, no refunds were offered and naturally the site remains a high...
0.5 (1)
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122 results - showing 1 - 15
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