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5.0 sells legit antibiotics!

I have used 3 online pharmacies so far. The first two I have used for years to get medications from however they did not have any antibiotics or antivirals on hand. I have a cat whom is prone to bladder infections and The cost of a vet is very expensive to have to do every year just for overpriced antibiotics. I also wanted to get antibiotics to have on hand in case of emergency as my wait time to see a doctor is now around 45 days thanks to the universal health care act. I found a few people saying was indeed legit. I figured since that was how I found the first two pharmacies I trust, I would give them a chance. I ordered two packets of antibiotics. I was forced to pay in moneygram likely because the FDA pressure from big pharma has forced credit card companies and online payment services to stop allowing cheap generic medications from being easily accessible to keep their stock holders happy. SO I paid and received a letter in my email confirming my order. It was picked up and the item was shipped within 3 days and I was given a tracking number. It did take some time to get here though. From first placing my order to arrival it took me 16 days but I received my package. The medications were all labeled in Bulgarian but a quick internet search gave me the correct English packing slip information on the medication. They are a great service for someone whom has been looking for years to find genuine antibiotics to have on hand. I highly recommend them. They were very curtious and answered all my questions within 24 hours. I will gladly do business with them again in the future.

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