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EHealthRx is an offshore site for buying tramadol cheaply in bulk ($189 for 300x50mg capsules) run by the same company behind the popular There are no no-ship states with this site. This site will not ship to the EU. Shipping takes about 1 week. They issue a prescription as part of the order.

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quality product

Made my first ever order. Tried this site because it was easy and excepted credit cards. Everything was traceable online, from the pharmacist reviewing it to the day it was shipped. Shipping did take a little while longer than expected. But product did arrive after 2 weeks and is very good quality. Would suggest this site to other people.

(Updated: July 15, 2014)
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eHealthRx Review

I ordered tramadol on 6/19/14 and received it by USPS on 7/7/14. The website was easy to use and seemed quite professional. They require a medical history and provide physician review and prescription. The delivery took longer than reported in other reviews, but there were no problems. The product was as advertised, correct quantity, and traceable on line to reputable pharma company in Australia.

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Good for those of us in no ship states

I did use Rxmegastore before but I live in N Dakota and Rxmega no longer ship here. I heard this site is run by the same people but from overseas so I gave it a shot and they delivered.

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