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Elife noob

Website is clear and legible. Security protocols appeared to be valid, and I do trust my major credit card company. However, this was my first transaction purchasing medication online. After a little trepidation I decided to purchase Sildenanfil 30 pills in the 50 mg size. I received a visual confirmation on the web page immediately that the order was complete, however I was surprised that a confirmation email did arrive immediately. When an email did not arrive in the next few minutes, I decided to just be patient and watch my credit cars. Finally, about four to five days later I did receive an email confirming my order with an order # and then a few days letter another confirming shipment and credit card billing. Approximately two weeks later I received the correct order , however the additional bonus 4 pills were not included. I am very satisfied with the initial product and it's effectiveness, and surprisinly, A week later I received a new envelope with 10 bonus pills, of 100 mg in size! In both cases the pills were clearly marked and professionally packaged by an indian manufacturer. I had not even taken the time to call or send a message about the bonus pills and they arrived on their own, packaged as discreetly as the initial shipment. I am very happy with this transaction.

I have since made a second transaction... and the order appears to have gotten lost. I was able to send an email from this transaction and received a response. I will post a second review on the second transaction.

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