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I was buying from this site alot last year. It has defienetly been bought out, and not for the better. My shipments used to be soooo fast. Now it takes forever. And customer service has no idea what is going on,unlike before. The prices are too high,and after and if I recieve my recent order I AM DONE!!!! I ordered from from a different site,for comparision. I got my meds in a week,and they were very high quality. I have sent email after email about my medsmyway order (been 3 weeks now)with no response. The online service has been telling me shipment was going out "tommorrow" for too long now. They have no tracking number on my package,and are just buying time with me. I have spent alot of money with this company, but no more. They went from grade A to grade F in my book. Good luck medsmyway, I am sure I am not the only prior loyal customer who will be going elsewhwere. Mainly wrote this to vent, and to let consumers know that it is most likely a good idea to stay away. Thats a shame,they used to be such a good experience.

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September 16, 2013
Wat site r u ordering from now
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