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Questionable meds and poor customer service.

I initially received a prompt email response after placing my order. However, after this, it all went rather quiet. My attempts to contact them regarding a tracking/shipping number were met with a wall of silence. Eventually, I managed to get to talk to someone via their "Live Chat" facility, which is only intermittently manned. The customer rep was not very forthcoming, and gave me a shipping number that did not work. At this point, I lost hope of ever receiving my meds and I began thinking I might have been scammed. Therefore, it came as a surprise to receive my meds the very next day. My meds were not in their packaging - no blister packs, box or packaging insert/instructions. Just loose tablets inside a bubble-wrap bag. I reluctantly tried the medication (it was for my anxiety disorder) and it knocked me out. It led me to think that the medication had a much higher dose in the tablet that it should have had - bringing me to the conclusion that they had been illicitly manufactured. Suffice it to say, I have not had any more of the tablets and I would not choose to buy with medsmyway again.

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August 19, 2011
After doing a lot of research, I decided medsmyway was the way to go. It's been 17 days now since I placed my order. I also got a very prompt response in regards to payment, etc. The tracking number they eventually gave me said it had been delivered several days ago to an address in California and I live in Alabama. I've tried to contact them through email and live chat going back about 3 days now and no kind of response at all. It's coming close to the 30 days now that I would have to file a claim with Alertpay. I'd much rather just have my order arrive or have someone please respond if they had to send a second package out due to error, it may not get here in time and I'm not leaving myself victim, especially since I've never ordered from them before.
1 results - showing 1 - 1