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Sells a good range of controlled medicines, manufactured both in India and Europe. Be careful to check that it is legal to import these in your country. Shipping takes 10 days-2 weeks.

(Updated: April 21, 2017)


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July 19, 2012
Used seversl times, you always have to call or use live chat I have nerver been able place order strckly on site. I am satisfied with their service and products so far. Would use again
July 25, 2012
This pharmacy scammed me and my neighbor asking for credit cards over & over & changing the prices.
Should re-review for black list.
July 25, 2012
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Medstore called several times for new credit card numbers. Felt like a scam to us. Why would they need credit card numbers over & over unless they were passing them out?
October 03, 2012
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Because it's illegal and many credit card companies refuse to process financial transactions with these places for fear of getting idicted by the Federal governemnt.
October 08, 2012
Medstore has been stringing me along for 63 days with three different story's. the Romanian princess I talked to told wait 22 days before calling back!

After the third call and 3 orders they have failed to deliver zolpidem or stillnox. Rip offfffffffffffff

November 17, 2012
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I got ripped too mate.. and she is in the ukraine. what a cunt
January 24, 2013
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Analyzing the feedback for this website indicates a fraudulent website. Polarized reviews - only 100% negative or 100% positive. Structure in the positive reviews is always the same and gives away hits that someone is writing from script. I.e. shipping, customer service, etc mentioned in similar fashion. Some reviews are 100% identical ini length and variance. On the other hand, the negative reviews, even though they mention same problems, are all dissimilar in structure and varianve.

I never ordered, but using reasoning skills deduced that this is 100% scam.
April 02, 2013
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SCAM.SCAM!! It's been wks,And i still have not received anything!! I've called several times (the number thats on their website)Just rings,and rings.Never answers.
April 18, 2013
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Have you recieved anything from them yet? Still trying to decide if I want to take the risk. They have items I am interested in but can't find.
May 20, 2013
I would just like to say I have ordered from medstore three times before, The first time I was able to pay with my visa and the other 2 times had to pay by bank transfer which I was happy with and paying by visa, But now they will only except amex which I don't have and are unable to get. I am very unhappy that I am unable to get an amex to purchase the tablets that I need as I have rhumatriod arthritis as I was more than happy with the service. If anyone on here that would be able to help me if they have an American express I don't know how it would work but theres got to be a way.
25 results - showing 1 - 10
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