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Online Medstore Failing?

Online has generally been good in the past. With the exception of shipping counterfeit goods (e.g. Lizness... which was supposedly zolpidem) from time to time (they immediately replaced).

However, right now (late May 2018) I am waiting for one order that they say has been stuck in Indian customs for almost a month. No indication on Indian post they have even received an item with the tracking number Online Medstore gave me.

Another two other orders that are two weeks old and approved… But they have not been able to fill for shipping.

While the chat line reps are always as helpful as possible; their story keeps changing (I.e couple of days delay in customs now 2 - 3 weeks).

Concerned they cannot mannage their supply chain or shipping operation . I use this supplier mainly for zolpidem, could use some assistance from a senior member to identify reliable, alternate vendors for this medicine.

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May 25, 2018
I was told their pharmacy had been raided and many orders were seized. I wouldn't order from them for a while...
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