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Fobbed off- no pills- no refund

Ordered 5mg Diazepam sourced from India,after 2 months still not delivered,contacted them several times,got the usual excuse,problems with customs,i persevered for a while,got fed up waiting,even threatened them with a Visa chargeback,still to no avail,so i asked for a refund,which i was informed would be processed within 24 hrs & funds would be back in my account within 1-4 weeks,well it's been nearly 3 weeks now,so i contacted them & got a reply saying their refund limit had been reached & funds would be in my account later this month,i don't trust this outfit & i'm not confident of getting my money back,if i haven't got the refund by the end of the month i'll have to try the chargeback route,but this may not be accepted by my cc company,as Medstore charged my order to a chinese outfit AIP*JSPOLANG DY CO they say that their card processer is in china,so that's why the different name appears on my cc

** update 29/6/18 I now have my funds credited back to my credit card**
But still wouldn't deal with this outfit again, too much hassle

(Updated: June 29, 2018)
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