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Medstore online-zolpidem

I've used medstore reliably for about 8 years now. The only medication I use is zolpidem but I understand they have a good reputation for many other medications and reasons. As other threads have shown, medstore online has ran into some problems. It seems they are in the process of getting things back on track/finding new suppliers. The Zolpidem I purchased early April recentlyrics arrived and it was not what I usually get. The brand name was zopalet from mediate pharmacies. Unfortunately this medication does absolutely nothing. Seems like fakes to me. Theyou display the zolpidem they will ship is from adamjee manufacturer. I got a completely different product and a worthless one at that. I hope to chat with others soon to find their thoughts and opinions. Just and FYI for folks to avoid their zolpidem at the moment.

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