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I've been using this website for 5 years. As I understand it, they're actually a broker for many manufacturers. Quality is good, selection is great esp. if you want something other than Viagra. lol A bunch of places were raided in India a month or two ago and I asked for and received some refunds on orders, so I consider their customer service very good. Don't use it if you want your order fast, it will take an average of 3 weeks to get anything and, from experience, I stock up before the Christmas holidays because the USPS will take forever to get your order to you. Right now I have 3 orders out. One is lost in San Francisco some where, I live in North Carolina (a manufacturers mistake on labeling), the second has been sitting in Mumbai for 12 days and the latest order looks like it's zipping right along. 3 different manufactures, 3 different countries, 3 different experiences. A while back I got 2 orders from Serbia or somewhere that had postage stamps on them, no customs label, no requirement for signing and it took 4 days. It was great, but I guess not too good for them since there was no proof of delivery. Anyway, they're legit...

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