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Almost entirely fake Colonazepam

Because of the high/top rating on this site, I ordered 30, 2mg clonazepam. I have been periodically (in times of emergency) taking American 1mg and breaking them in half equaling a dosage of .05mg, as that's all I need to prevent a panic attack. The package took about 3 weeks, I was so excited! I figured I'd only need to take a quarter of a pill to equal what I was taking with my previous half a 1mg. However, tonight I tried them. I took one and nothing, then two...three and finally four (in 2 hours. That would equal EIGHT of the pills I've been taking, and there is barely *any effect at all. Since some of the other ratings have said that they got their money back for fakes, I suppose I'll contact customer support and pray they either send me a new batch or refund me. I sure wish I had 50 posts on this site so I could really see what the heck to do about my situation. I'm wondering if the good reviews here are actually fake, which I didn't expect from this site. You guys seem pretty serious and legit. But, I guess you don't need 50 posts to review these pharms, since here I am reviewing and this is only my first post.

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