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This provider is having problems

I have used Medstore-Online since 2009 and have always found them to be a great, responsive source. I could count on receiving my order within 3 weeks and always good quality. The last 2 orders I have placed, which covers the last 3 months, I've not received my orders without contacting the company. This last order took over a month to even be listed as sent and even though it says sent, I am not able to track it. So basically, everything on this site is the same, except you don't receive your order. I get the feeling that customs is on to them. I will be looking for a new source for now...

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January 09, 2017
Yep. Same for me. Have been using them since at least early 2014 and they have been great. Refunds for lost packages and for meds that didn't work. One package got stuck at customs and they sent me another one free! Since around November 2016 something has happened. No meds. No refunds. No reply to my emails. I need a new source too. Help!
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