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Fake benzos and terrible customer service

They are extremely unreliable. Sometimes (in the past) they were good and they send the correct product, and even have refunded me once or twice when it doesnt come. Lately however, they refuse to refund me if the item doesnt come (and increasingly, the meds dont come). My mother also uses the site (I recommended it to her years ago when they used to be good) and they give her fake tracking numbers and fake meds. She ordered xanax and valium 5 times and each time it was fake. Doesnt matter what "country" it comes from, manufactured fakes can come from anywhere. They didnt refund her and didn't send real meds. They are VERY nice to new customers but once they perceive you "need" them or use them regularly, they do not honor their own refund or re-ship policy and they scam you for money. Their benzos are all fake at this point. My mother and I use dark web now. half the price and much more reliable and safe.

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