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Unreliable and fake meds

Terrible experience. The first shipment I received from them was packaged as the medication I ordered but did not work (I have taken it for year). They recommended I purchase one of their alternatives drugs (from EU not India) which I did. It never arrived. They said they sent a replacement. It never arrived. They made me file a report with the post office to prove I had not received anything. After many months, they approved a refund. Then I had to deal with an entirely different agency to get the refund. After more months, I got the refund (partial) check in the mail. I deposited it and it bounced and I was charged a fee by my bank for attempting to deposit a bad check. There are many other pharmacies to chose from - beware of this place!

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July 04, 2017
It's so strange you got such experience with this OP. My last order was the 5th one and the only thing which I am disappointed a little bit - was time of shipping. My neighbor (who is on this forum as well)got a full refund quite quickly,he got wrong pills by mistake so decided to get money back. No strange questions or demands -just full refund. After this in several months he placed another order and got it successfully on time without any delay or confusion. So I may say that this OP is very honest to its clients and if something goes wrong - they do all possible to solve the problem peacefully!
1 results - showing 1 - 1