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good 1mg xanax but your data is NOT safe with them

I've ordered from this company once a year for 7 or 8 years now. Their 1mg xanax is good, but the 2mg stuff are total duds but I was given a refund on this order so that was okay. If ordering from these people I would make two recommendations that could save you a lot of grief further down the line though. First, buy a burner sim card to place your order, do not give them your personal phone number as they will ring you up every week and also give your number to numerous other pharmacies. Because of this I have so far had to block nuisance calls from the following numbers: +9854867011 / +8474514677 / +448000588062 / +442390448059 / +442390114790 / +2193272564 / +15162347770 / +14024087137 / +13033510441 / +12132260178 / +12129996015 / +12012152017

Secondly: Order by bank wire transfer or cancel your card shortly after making payment. They simply will not keep your card details safe. The last two times I have ordered my bank has had fraud payments taken from it. The first time it was just a £120 on phone top ups, the second time was much more scary though. They actually rang my phone provider reported my phone lost so they took over my mobile account to obtain security texts to gain access to my bank account!! The banks fraud protection systems picked up on this but I still cost me a couple of hours gaining access back to bothe my phone and then bank account. I suspect the case is that while the company may possibly be genuine they at the very least have rogue elements working for them.

The product and service is all pretty good, just don't give them your personal phone number and if you have to use a card for payment then assume it's security has been compromised and report it lost once your order has been dispatched.

j warner
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SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!

100% FRAUD!!!!!!!!!! They call on the phone a sound real good BUT THEY GOT ME FOR $2000.00 Total credit card fraudsters!!!! The VISA fraud agent total me they programed my number into a card and when from AMT to ATM pulling cash.

WARNING BLACK LIST FASTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5-11-2012

bob green
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fast, quality product with amazing customer suppor

Got my order 7 days from the date I placed the order. Well packaged. All medicine came in original boxes in blister packs. I ordered the meds from the EU source as India meds are sketchy to me. The alprazolam was 100% good quality. I already made a new order with this company. From all the fake pharmacy sites out there this is one you can trust. This site gets high marks from me!

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Don't buy the Provigil/Modafinil

I read a lot of reviews and knew this company often took a long time to deliver. It took close to a month for me to get my order. Here are the dates:

Ordered: August 8
Confirmed: August 12
Date they claimed to have shipped: August 15
Date they probably actually shipped: August 21
Date the package entered customs: August 31
Date package cleared customs: September 3
Package arrival: September 5

Four days was my fault for taking so long to confirm my order. They certainly didn't send my order when they claimed, but I did eventually receive my order of "generic Provigil" as they called it. The actual brand was Modnite-200, however, I call it chalk. I have tried a half dozen of the pills, even taking twice the normal dosage and the pills offered no effect.

I am truly disappointed. I will try to go through their customer service department for a refund, but if they do not post the refund in a timely manner I will simply have Amex reverse the charges.

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Slow & EXPENSIVE, but Excellent CS & Return to EU

I have used this IOP many years ago when they carried ONLY EU Meds. They have always been expensive! However, this is one of the very few Online Pharmacies who will either replace your order if you are unhappy or refund your money for same. That fact ALONE places them in the top 5% of decent IOPS. YES- You pay for it, but unlike many IOPs, if you complain about no shows, poor quality, etc. Medstore will make it right. Try that elsewhere and let me know how long they laugh before hanging up on you.

They went through a period where they stopped carrying EU meds and started carrying Indian Meds. Indian Meds are fine, but not at Medstore Prices; it takes very little work to find that out inside the Forum. However, they recently returned to both selling primarily EU meds and taking Credit Cards again. That's Great news. But folks, if you have never purchased from an online pharmacy please use common sense: Any Online Pharmacy Offering You Highly Controlled Drugs from India is wasting your time; Don't let them steal your money too. If you want some medication quick, safe and cheap.......stop reading here and join the forum.

If you have a few hundred dollars with nothing better to spend it on, by all means Google your medication and wire the money to the first Web Site that shows up. Just don't waste anytime waiting for anything to show up. This place is legit. Expensive, but legit. Also, this is NOT AMAZON PRIME! You are ordering from online pharmacies and no matter how many Maple Leaves and Canadian references you see, there's about a 99.99% chance your medication will ship from another country. Exercise patience and no matter WHAT THEY TELL YOU- ADD two weeks to that delivery time and I promise you will not be disappointed.

I have ordered Regenon from here. U.S. folks may know it as Tenuate. Arrived in perfect condition, both times in about 4 weeks ( NOT INCLUDING HOLIDAYS, WEEKENDS ) Quality Product made by a Quality Pharma Co. FYI- PHENTERMINE HCL 37.5mg is NOT manufactured anywhere except the United States, so do not waste their time or yours.

If you can afford Medstore, Stick to the EU made meds and expect 4 weeks for delivery, you will love Medstore! If you order Indian Meds, Expect Delivery in 2 weeks and order items which a tiny bit of research on the Forum will steer you clear of, you will ultimately get a replacement or refund and have wasted 4-9 weeks. There are cheaper options out there, but few that will replace or refund unhappy customers.

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This is the most lying thieving company on the internet. They claimed to have sent my order out twice but never received it. Now they have been telling me for 6 weeks that they are going to refund my $227.00. They rarely respond to my emails and when they do they promote themselves to be honest and trustworthy. I will slam them any way I can until I receive my refund. I have every right to do it too. I paid them for a product that THEY NEVER DELIVERED on May 19, 2017 and I am still waiting today, August 20, 2017 for something, anything, even an honest response.

s wernick
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Excellent Service

The quality of the products were excellent. They were packaged very well with the formulary information in the original boxes and blister packs. The website was easy to use but I had some difficulties in the final steps. Customer service assisted me and gave me a discount for my trouble. The prices were average high but what price can you put on quality meds. I dealt with customer service twice and they were very professional and quite courteous. The CS rep helped me every step of the way, conversed with me and didn't leave until finished and saying "thank you" and "good bye"!!!!!!!!! The items were delivered in the time frame that was set. I think some people may need to understand that business days are M-F and don't include Sat. & Sun. Also when the package is mailed they have no control over the postal system. The quality products and courteous customer service are enough to keep me coming back.

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First-time buyer - good experience

First-time customer. Placed order on a Wednesday for European pills, got an e-mail response shortly after confirming the order placement. Received a voicemail the next day to confirm the order, called the number back and spoke to a lady with a Slavic accent who confirmed my address and payment information. (For those who are wondering, they do not accept Visa, only American Express.) She said the order would be shipped the following Monday.

I checked their website the following Monday and, sure enough, a tracking number had been posted, using the UK's Royal Mail service. In the days following, I checked back periodically to see what the status was on the shipment, but the site always said “come back later.” The tracking number appeared to be formatted correctly, but no info ever got posted.

Since no tracking info was appearing, I decided to try using the online chat feature on their site to check on the order, but got no response when I posted. I also called their toll-free number, which rang but then forwarded to a dead number. Not very encouraging, but then again, I called at a time which would've been in the middle of the night in Europe.

I was really starting to worry, but then lo and behold, the package showed up, 15 days after the posted shipment date (that's 15 calendar days, not business days). No signs of tampering to the envelope. Pills were in blister packs that had been removed from their boxes and stacked, and were wrapped in a loop of corrugated cardboard surrounded by Saran wrap. Original boxes were included but folded flat and placed under the blister packs. Instruction/side effect slips were included as well, all in Romanian. The package also included a piece of paper with instructions (in English) that read like a prescription, signed by a supposed doctor in Prague, but it was certainly not anything that an American pharmacy would accept as a prescription.

The pills are potent, as good as the American generic equivalent I've had. They are also sturdy, not crumbly (in fact, they're a bit difficult to split). They are unmarked round white pills as well, so could easily be passed off as aspirin or Tylenol. Overall, very impressed by the quality.

Out of curiosity, I went back to the Royal Mail site several days after delivery to check if it would show confirmation of delivery, but it didn't - it still says “come back later.” I can't say I care for this feature, since it's not only useless for tracking, but is also a potential source of worry. Still, I'd say the customer service was good overall, the shipping time was reasonable, and I would definitely order from these guys again.

An American
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cnt is a member of the Pharmacy Reviewer forum
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Almost entirely fake Colonazepam

Because of the high/top rating on this site, I ordered 30, 2mg clonazepam. I have been periodically (in times of emergency) taking American 1mg and breaking them in half equaling a dosage of .05mg, as that's all I need to prevent a panic attack. The package took about 3 weeks, I was so excited! I figured I'd only need to take a quarter of a pill to equal what I was taking with my previous half a 1mg. However, tonight I tried them. I took one and nothing, then two...three and finally four (in 2 hours. That would equal EIGHT of the pills I've been taking, and there is barely *any effect at all. Since some of the other ratings have said that they got their money back for fakes, I suppose I'll contact customer support and pray they either send me a new batch or refund me. I sure wish I had 50 posts on this site so I could really see what the heck to do about my situation. I'm wondering if the good reviews here are actually fake, which I didn't expect from this site. You guys seem pretty serious and legit. But, I guess you don't need 50 posts to review these pharms, since here I am reviewing and this is only my first post.

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Phentermine is 100% FAKE, I can prove it too

DO NOT order Phentermine from this company. It is absolutely fake. I've used phentermine in the past and even had a few tablets left over. Did a side by side comparison and the results were night and day. This company's product had no effect what so ever where the real deal from a local pharmacy had all the expected side effects. AND...Phentermine causes you to test positive for amphetamines on a urine drug screen. I am a medical professional and was able to test myself. On this sites fake pills I tested negative. After taking one of my original pills, I tested positive.

Don't be lured in, they are fake!

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Pretty good place

I placed an order for 90 sildenafil tabs from here. I placed another order for same product from another OP a few days later. My second order arrived first. There was a 4 day hold time at medstore-online. Otherwise product was good, people were somewhat helpful, used visa. I did notice a international processing charge of 5 bucks was added to my card a couple days later. All in all a pretty good experience.

Joey Paraduchi
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I do not hesitate to recommend this pharmacy to anyone needing the products they carry from India. this is my 4th order.
No credit card problems (American Express) and no quality problems.

Good Experience !!!

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Good product awful delivery

They have above product and service, but their delivery is among the worse of any online company I have used. If you like to see "orgin is waiting for delivery" on the US postal tracking site then this site is for you. It is a shame that they are so awful when it comes to transporting their product, because the rest of the service is very good to excellent. They just suck at getting the products out. They also frequently lose deliveries.

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babybird is a member of the Pharmacy Reviewer forum
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This provider is having problems

I have used Medstore-Online since 2009 and have always found them to be a great, responsive source. I could count on receiving my order within 3 weeks and always good quality. The last 2 orders I have placed, which covers the last 3 months, I've not received my orders without contacting the company. This last order took over a month to even be listed as sent and even though it says sent, I am not able to track it. So basically, everything on this site is the same, except you don't receive your order. I get the feeling that customs is on to them. I will be looking for a new source for now...

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lesmiserables is a member of the Pharmacy Reviewer forum
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I actually got my refund!!! Wow!!!! I ordered phentermine, but it was fake, so I asked for a refund and got it! I'm so happy and surprised! It was so easy to order and I got it fast so I would probably order something else from them, but never phentermine. Just wanted to update!

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Legit, but expensive

These guys are legit, good source if you are in a bind, but I find the products are way overpriced compared to similar stores. My primary sources are about half the price of these guys.. I'd shop around before buying here.

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Despite reading some negative reports about this site, i went ahead and made a purchase. 24 hours later there was 1000 Australian dollars worth of charges to my amex card to an online italian clothing shop.. I know i will get my money back but dont be silly like i was.. If you ask the operator where they are, they will tell you Germany. When i traced their emails it lead me to an address in the Ukraine... Funny that. Their phones don't ring anymore also. Stay well clear

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Don't trust them!

If I could give Medstore Online a zero and have this register I would. They have hijacked my email address, I had to use a bogus one to register since my personal email is now full of email to me from me due to their hijackers using my email address to phish for customers. Pharmacy International has done the same thing as well! Are they the same company? Any company that allows reps to phish to get business is not to be trusted! I have contacted both companies and never had a response to stop the phishing being done in my name. What kind of reputable company would have reps phishing for business? Why would they pay them to use someone else's email address??? BIG ZERO

(Updated: May 04, 2013)
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Worked out

So, like you, I read the reviews on here. I ended up feeling pretty conflicted on whether or not to go with it. I guess the main reason I gave it a try was that it was one of the few places that carried what I wanted. I used the e-check method and didn't have any erroneous charging problems though it did take 5 days to clear (they only take Amex, not Visa, by the way). So I'd recommend going e-check since it looks like there might be problems with the other methods. Patience is the key with this site. It took just under a month to receive the package. It took a while for the tracking number to show up and I wasn't sure the number was valid because it didn't come up as valid until a few days latter so you may end up doing a little freaking out. Package did come and, though the brand was obscure, it was legit. It may be a little under dosed but nothing disappointing and it may just be placebo because I don't recognize the brand. Bottom line, I got my order and it was real, just takes close to a month. They will answer your questions on the chat feature.

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Great Transaction

Best online purchase! Thanks to everyone who took the trouble to write their reviews that enabled me to pick a great pharmacy. Very efficient and user friendly website. Got a call the next day to verify purchase. Got tracking number within 2 days. But apparently this is an international EMS tracking number that only tracks from country of origin. Once it left the selling country, the tracking number no longer is valid. Got a little concerned. Happily, I got the package which is well packed in nondescript brown envelop.Received product within 2 weeks. Will definitely buy from Medstore again.

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Great Service, High Quality Product, Very Slow Del

I had read the really bad reviews that say this place is a scam and I'm totally sure they are written by either trolls or competitors because I just ordered and had a great experience with them, minus the delivery time. I ordered my prescription January 9th using their e-check system, and the e-check company, who yes do have Eastern European Slavic Accents, called me the next morning 3 times until I answered to confirm my order, so yes they are a little pushy about verifying that your not ripping them off. Then after 5 days the pharmacy themselves called me to verify my order which I did. Then my order status on the site was "processing" for a week or so until it shipped Jan 21st. Then the US customs held it for another week, I thought it had been seized, but then it was delivered to my address finally on the Jan 26th. The packaging was great and the product was exactly as described and made by a major pharmaceutical company from the UK. The strength of the pills were also good, stood up to any other generic I've had from major brick and mortar pharmacies in the US. Also most importantly in my opinion: I received a copy of the legal and legitimate Swiss prescription, which definitely is good because my prescription is a controlled medicine here in the US and was glad to have a legitimate prescription to be on the right side of the law. So it's definitely not a scam, even though they have pretty thick Eastern European Slavic accents that seem shady to alot of people ;) and they have really good product at decent prices, but be prepared to wait a month for your order, as it takes forever. Also I'd definitely recommend using the e-check system, like other reviewers and I did, the only other option is using an AMEX Credit Card and I can't say how that will work out. So yeah great pharmacy, not to good to be true though because their delivery sucks. Hope you guys find this helpful, I know I was freaking out about whether or not to order from them, from reading all the mixed reviews. Will most likely be ordering from them again, now that I know there's going to be a wait, but I'll definitely receive quality product, it'll be less stressful. Thank you and may everyone find relief from their suffering.

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Indian meds highly questionable

I have used this company for several years and have always been satisfied. What brought me to using them was they offered EU manufactured pharmaceuticals. Now all they offer are Indian meds. The thing is, there are at least a couple of reliable Indian manufacturers such as Ranbaxy and Cipla. They keep promising me Cipla manufactured meds but so far, in 3 order of Indian meds, they have all been some kind of fake, rip-off. This does not surprise me given the reputation of India. By the way, US companies never need to fear they will be outsourced to India. That is one messed up country and their capabilities are way overrated. I have had a couple of Indian nationals work for me and I was not impressed even with tons of education on their resume. Anyhow, back to the point. This is a good company, they have refunded every order I have had a problem with. I just hope if they are going to use India that they use one of the international manufacturers based in India. Simply because they operate in Europe and other developed countries and have had to bring their quality standards up to EU and/or FDA standards. If so this shift to Indian meds may turn out to be alright, but as of today, I still have not received any real medications in 3 tries. We'll see, I am quickly running out of patience. Hopefully based on many of the other reviews I have read on this site this company has got the message and will remedy the situation.

(Updated: July 27, 2014)
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Not Too Shabby

A great option if you're hard up. Definiety on the overpriced side. Had a problem ordering online and had to call in an order both times. Customer service was probably the highlight of the experience. Had a problem with the clonazepam being inconsistent but maybe it was just the holiday season. Overall seems trustworthy.

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jimmylightning is a member of the Pharmacy Reviewer forum
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Got a refund

Ordered alprazolam, received some pex-2 very shortly after, turned out to be fake. Called them up and was given a refund within a few days.

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mixedautumn is a member of the Pharmacy Reviewer forum
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bad phentermine, no customer service

I ordered phentermine and they are definitely not the real thing as I've gotten it prescribed before. I have tried emailing their customer support and through skype, to no avail, they just do not respond. Order arrived fast, sure, but when they are fake what does it matter that they arrived within 14 days.

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Don't waste your time or money. The pills are nothing what you are ordering. Sugar pills at best

Rodger jerry
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Frist they sucker you by fake reviews, Then bill you extra shipping. What they send in bubble mailer is fake, who knows what (phentermine) Bill you for some fake DR. then tack on an extra shipping when it was all said and done $75.00 shipping plus $280. What came was some crappie chalky mushy mess! All broken, they returned $205. STAY AWAY! Cant give them a worse review not possible!! 10/2016 Shut them down

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A total scam

Avoid this one. Will not send and won't answer phone calls or emails. Peppy is her name. Looks like a number in Michigan area code 810. Should be blacklisted.

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Fake Phenteramine

I had a terrible experience with this company,and after all the unprofessional communication I finally got my order only to discover that, as other reviewers have said, the phenteramine was fake.

Mr Bell
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Don't waste your time and money

Placed a first small order. Was delivered within 2 weeks and the generic product was genuine even though it was not as effective as the brand version. Was happy enough to place a second larger order but that one never arrived. They provided me with a bogus tracking number. Skype and online chat operator refuses to look into the problem and says to email. Emails are being ignored. STAY WELL CLEAR OF MEDSTORE-ONLINE.

Patrick Storey
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Customer Service Is Excellent, Wish product was to

In terms of customer service I couldn't fault them at all. Polite, courteous, very quick delivery.
However I used to always order the European brand which were spot on. Unfortunately they no longer sell those ones anymore but the same medication by a different brand. So I received my order, speedy delivery and they were indeed a completely different batch, brand and look to the ones I used to get from them. These ones I got instead very were very weak. I mentioned it to them and they offered me a full refund without having the faff of sending the tablets back first too. Sure enough I did receive the refund from them. So I was impressed with that aspect, only wish they had their old Euro brand ones then they would a have a loyal customer in me!

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I ordered 60 diazepam and received zolpidem instead. These people replied instantly and re shipped diazepam with a bonus of 30 tablets. I still have the zolpidem too. Excellent service

Rosemary Hale
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Good OP if you need prescribed meds. I used them 2 times, received my package in time without damage.

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Good service, slow delivery

I have never had a problem with They have a good selection and have given me a 20% discount for every order I've placed after the first one. My only complaint is that it usually takes a month before my meds arrive. The lesson here is re-order before you run out -- something I keep neglecting to to.

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calgal99 is a member of the Pharmacy Reviewer forum
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Back to taking Visa again (Discount Codes Expired)

Dealing with this vendor is a pain in the butt. Also, at least as of now, they claim all the discount codes are "expired." Their internal procedures for validating an order, I personally find annoying. They want me to confirm, verbally, that every line on the order is correct. They claim this is "obligatory for your order." Being the pleasant, happy person that I am, I asked via email "obligatory by who?" The CSR then decided she had enough information to complete the order.

Products seem fine, have reordered and gone through the "confirmation" dance each time, and still haven't done it their way. So There.

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Credit card was compromised.

Definitly a mixed review, ordered last week for the first time ever. Placing the order was easy, had a little difficulty in confirming the order as we cannot use GB Freefone from ROI, but finally managed online chat. Liked the idea of actually speaking to someone to confirm the order, however didnt like several days later when I was alerted by the Fraud Dept of my bank to say my c/c had been compromised and several transactions had been attempted. This had to be Med Store as I use Master Card for all my other transactions, anyone had experience of this?.. was worried and dissapointed. However products turned up this morning, 5 days after despatch, not used them yet so cannot comment. Will prob use them again in the future, would be an infrequent user, but their c/c security worries me.

Anne Dowling
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medstore review

I ordered valium from them, and surprisingly it was legit. However after reading 2 reviews of fake lorazepam (ativan) and 2 reviews of fake xanax, and also 1 of fake klonopin, i have decided to start using another source. Also, it took 2 weeks for them just to ship the order...echeck has to clear that takes 5 days, 2-3 days for doctor review, 3-5 days for them to send it, and 2 more weeks for delivery. If anyone is using this source for valium/xanax and needs another better source at about half the price pm me and i will be glad to help.

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I ordered Lorazepam (ATIVAN) from this website. It was fairly weak but it did work (if I took more than I would have liked to). It took about 10 or 12 days to come to my home, which is typical for this website so I can't complain, but many other online pharmacies deliver more quickly. I would probably use this site again, but I would not order the same product (LORAZEPAM FROM INDIA). It is VERY nice that they accept VISA though, because some of the other online pharmacies' payment methods seem a litttttttle shady.

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Received medications from this site in about three weeks. Quality is good and customer service is very good. They called me immediately because it was my first order. The only thing here is the prices are very high on certain meds.

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cnt is a member of the Pharmacy Reviewer forum
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I had left a comment earlier in the reviews about receiving fake Clonazepam. Out of fairness, I wanted to update by saying the vendor made good (promptly) and issued a refund. They were very professional about it, I was impressed.

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Worst Quality Med ever got

I have bought Nitrazepam 10 mg 90 tabs and clonazepam 2 mg 90 tabs from them. I am usually on .5 clonazepam and 10mg nitrazepam and fall asleep tight at night. I have already used 8 of their Nitrazepam tablets and 4 clonazepam, still my eyes are wide open and I can play football right now.

According to latest policy passed in India these medicines are no more available OTC. SO they are getting completely fake stuff, and over and above that they are not even returning my money. Complete Cheats, keep away from them. I will report my bank if I am not getting my money back in next 2 days, so that all over US their E-check payments stop too.

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Fake benzos and terrible customer service

They are extremely unreliable. Sometimes (in the past) they were good and they send the correct product, and even have refunded me once or twice when it doesnt come. Lately however, they refuse to refund me if the item doesnt come (and increasingly, the meds dont come). My mother also uses the site (I recommended it to her years ago when they used to be good) and they give her fake tracking numbers and fake meds. She ordered xanax and valium 5 times and each time it was fake. Doesnt matter what "country" it comes from, manufactured fakes can come from anywhere. They didnt refund her and didn't send real meds. They are VERY nice to new customers but once they perceive you "need" them or use them regularly, they do not honor their own refund or re-ship policy and they scam you for money. Their benzos are all fake at this point. My mother and I use dark web now. half the price and much more reliable and safe.

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Do not use this company

I placed an order 4 weeks ago. I contacted this company a few days ago and have received nothing but an argument about the contact history. They took my money but could not read my email address or telephone number.... Somehow that's my fault. If you have to deal with a person called Lynn Hart, run.... Ask to communicate with someone else. You'll get no where. And I'm guessing I will not get my money back either. Run people run... This website is trouble

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ripped off

tried to order a medication through this company. after they sent my medication out, i received my invoice which had my wrong address. They were quick to take my money, quick to screw my address up, but would not answer my calls or emails. when i used there online service they said with there retarded online accent, "why do you give wrong address." and that was it. that was her answer. Lost $300.00 and im extremely pissed the hell off. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE!

ripped off
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Harassing, shady

Placed one order successfully, second larger order was seized by customs. Called Online Medstore, they send they would resend. Soon after, started receiving multiple calls per day (up to eight per day), every day including Sunday, pressuring to buy more. You pick up phone, say "hello," and they immediately say, "hi this is online pharmacy. You recently placed an order for ****, we want to know if you're ready to order more." Could be bad news if a family member or someone other than you picks up the phone. They will not stop calling even if you ask them to stop. They call early in the morning all the way late into the night. I will anonymously report this harassing activity to feds shortly if they continue to disregard my requests to quit calling me. Spotty service and harassing calls are not worth it.

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Tried Medstore Online and lost $250.00, they are BOGUS BOGUS BOGUS, first they tell you to send a check to Western Union addressed to U Pau and then when I did they say whats your PIP # and I asked where I could find it I never heard from them again, finally I called and they said they refused my check? Paid thru Bill Pay, the Bank says they did not refuse and they did cash the check or whomever they told me to send it to.
Long story short, after 3 weeks of arguing and getting a different story every timeI contacted to Security at the Bank, they are investigating now, and believe it or not they are asking me to send them more money and do it over again, stupid #%@&&$$, they are fake , I will send copies of e-mails to anyone who wants to see it SCAM SCAM SCAM PapaTom

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does not take VISA

couldn't really rate this because they do not take VISA. whoever wrote the description of this company could save us all a lot of time, by changing the description to TAKES AMEX ONLY.
thanks. love the recommendations!

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My big experience

They are good. I used to place orders only with them when I lived in Australia. Now I had to move and will search for another OP, but who still hesitates - I tell you - do not be afraid! I have a very big and successful experience with them :)

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Their client since 2012

Never had any problems with this pharmacy. The only minus was- when they changed their domain name and I did not get an email with this notification - so I was afraid to lose them. But as for meds, their quality and price - I am more than just satisfied! My pills are Somadril which they sell by very good price, I pay by Visa always though I know that it may be very risky. But I am their client since 2012 and trust this OP more than any other mentioned here.

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Excellent and reliable

I have ordered form this company for several years and have had nothing great things to report. Genuine products, great phone/ email communication, quick, polite, gracious.
I am taking the time to write this review because of my latest experience. For some reason I did not receive the product after their sending it twice. They unhesitatingly resent the first time I reported that I did not get the product.

Then nothing again for another 20 days. Must be problems at customs. The tracking validates everything that was happening or not happening. I contacted them and was informed that I did not get the reshipment either. The agent informed that they had already again resent it (3rd time), preemptively even before my report. The I got it. So 3 shipments before I finally received my product. What I realize now is that they themselves keep track to ensure we get our meds. And they are serious about service.

Perhaps this explains their higher prices. They will reship promptly. They are well worth the higher prices. In this wild wild west of online pharmacies, it is always unnerving to place an order. This company has proven itself over and over again.

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