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Seems legit

site is in spanish, used chrome to translate it. has pretty good selection. accepts bitcoin or you have to mail cash. i used bitcoin. took a couple days to get the bitcoin invoice, then several days before i got a ship notification. shipping from mexico to usa is SLOW. tracking with the mexican postal system is useless. once it made it through us customs, i was able to track it on usps website. took 5 weeks from time of order to when it was delivered. pills i got seem legit though and this site has a great price. i ordered a year supply for what i pay for a month supply at home. some items on their site state they can only ship within mexico though so pay attention to that.

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Satisfactory order, quick ship

I ordered several items from this site. I am hypothyroid so ordered cytomel, price can't be beat. It arrived really fast. Seems legit to me.

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