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They are gone.....

Truly think they are gone, despite the spam that recently started again about US/US. Website paid up, card processer paid up. Ordered for a long time from them, only a few select items. Now when you order, you get an order #, a temp auth to your credit card and an auto generated email about your order. Then the temp auth falls off. That USED to be a good thing as it meant your order was about to ship and your card would hard charge in a day or two. Now, the card simply is never charged, you receive no further communication and no order shows up. So, not getting ripped off (at least in my case) as my card doesn't end up with the hard charge but can't make an order.... have a feeling they high tailed it over the border to Nicaragua. RIP, Palm..... Strongly advise no one take them up on ANY US / US. If you think back a bit, the WU/MG scam on products that Palm didn't even carry and a lot of people got burned because of impatience on the select few volunteers who made the test orders on that scam. A54

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