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I ordered 60 x Bupropion (Wellbutrin) 150mg SR (extended release). I ordered it 04/19/2011, and it was shipped 04/21/2011. I received it 05/14/2011. They do mention faster delivery, but my experience is that it's impossible to control shipping times around the world. For example, here in Norway this is just between two holidays, so It's acceptable.

So, the product: I tested it against the genuine Wellbutrin Retard 150mg by GSK (GlaxoSmithKline). Exactly the same as "SR", just called "Retard" for the Norwegian/Scandinavian marked. I think GSK should have picked another name then "Retard", for obvious reasons... :-) The genuine Wellbutrin was bought at a Norwegian pharmacy.

The comparison: This generic (made by Sun Pharmaceuticals, and is called "Bupron SR 150") looks a little different, but that is no issue. It's a bit larger then the GSK but has quite a similar coating. Wellbutrin tablet name is "GS SFV", and the Sun generic is called "737". One big difference is that if you take the Sun generic (not crushing it), it taste sweet, while Wellbutrin does not. But that is the coating. If crushed in your mouth (should not be done for extended release tablets), the same horrible taste is VERY present (a strong bitter "chemical" taste). Even my tongue gets a little numb after doing this (both of them). Here they seem alike. Since I normally use one to two per day (in the morning), as described by my doctor, I feel that it does the same as the genuine Wellbutrin, but this is after a short test period.

One thing I want mention is the customer service; It's great! I had some questions and used the online chat. One question couldn't be answered and a email respond was promised within a day's time period. Well within this period I got the email and the answer was good/detailed.

The package was anonymous with a lot of paper around the tablets (maybe too much since it would not hide anything when scanned, it just cost more to send). Also, it was marked as "Gift" that, at least here in Norway, makes the customs more alert. A low value would be better.

Overall, very good!

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