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First time buyer of this stuff on the Internet. I can't afford being ripped off by US companies for simple Ed pills, I hope they go bankrupt.
Anyway… here’s is the deal. I searched a bunch of websites before finding this one. It's hard to know which ones are scams or not. What I finally decided was to call the numbers on their websites and try their online chat to see if I got a response from both. Most of the websites out there had bad phone numbers for their supposed 24-7 support, and live chat that was conveniently offline. Pharm4all picked up both instantly. So, after they passed that test I read their reviews in a couple places, which looked like they were legit. Prices on the website looked very good too. Better than most. So, I held my nose and purchased a small amount of generic Levitra with my Visa debit card. I was pretty much convinced my debit card would be abused by a fraud ring at this point, but I figured what the hell. I was determined. Here is how it went.

Ordered Thursday Jan 12, 2012 via EMS fast shipping method
Their Doc approved Friday Jan 13 2012
(you fill out short medical responses, how’s your heart, etc.. CYA for them)
They don’t work Sat and Sunday, so nothing done over weekend, see hrs on their website.
Shipped Tuesday 1-17-2012
Outbound from shipping country 1-17-2012
Arrived in US 1-20-2012 Customs (retention reason: other – this is standard language)
Exit Customs 1-22-2012 Send item to domestic location
Delivered to me in Florida, required signature 1-24-2012

You know I tested it… and it does work same as the overpriced name brand. The tabs were packaged very well and professional. No name brand on tab packaging however, so can’t tell who the manufacturer is. I guess I really don’t care as long as they work.

I don't think customs spends much time chasing small amounts of this stuff. I think they have bigger fish to fry.

Also, be aware. BofA fraud nuked my debit card right after this purchase. From reading on the Internet, it appears their less-than-perfect fraud detection automatically considers ANY overseas transactions a likely fraud. Pharm4all still got paid as far as I can tell. So, this was not real fraud that caused them to re-issue me a new debit card. They do this to me abt every 3-4 months for one reason or another. I suspect if I withdraw money at a strip club that is a false fraud trigger also. Not that I ever go to strip clubs, who would do that? Anyway, I can deal with a new debit card every once in a while, if I save this much money. Sort of a minor issue in the big picture I guess. BofA will do what they feel like doing, nothing is going to change their system. BofA also charged my debit card abt $3 for an overseas transaction fee a couple days after the purchase.

I'm giving them all 5 stars, because I have no complaints. I will be ordering again very soon now that I know it works and they do what they claim. I may stock up for abt 6 months or so, so I don't have to worry abt it.

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