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Sister fraud "" is their new way

Add this company to the list. They admit to being a sister company of a few of the other pharmacies on this page. They have an on-line customer service chat, with "Amy Parker". She gave me her phone number, telling me to call her anytime. I called the number and spoke with a man with the heaviest Spanish accent one ever hear. He said is name is "Morgan" and he is in Argentina; their main office is in Gibraltar. He said "Amy Parker" is not available for phone calls. He gave me the same rap that their "sister" companies gave you.

I ordered from them 15 days ago, and still no delivery; and they refused to provide a tracking number for the supposed shipment.

BTW, their Western Union information is to send the money to:


Paternal Last Name: OTERO

Maternal Last Name:(Leave a blank space here)

Address: suarez 57 pb

City: Avellaneda

State: Buenos Aires

Country: Argentina

If by some stretch of the imagination I do get a legitimate shipment as ordered, I will print a retraction and even publicly say so; "naked in Macy's window".

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