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In short, I got what I ordered, at a very low price. US$50 minimum order; $18 registered airmail shipping to most countries (courier delivery available at higher cost); additional charges of a couple percent for currency exchange, plus (depending upon your bank/credit card) possible charges of a few percent for foreign transaction fees.

But Pharmacy Network gave me several reasons to hesitate before ordering. Their FAQ claims that they are "owned and administered by PNI Pharma Group, a leading European Pharmaceutical Organization based in Gibraltar". And yet, when I searched the internet, I got fewer than ten hits on the company--hardly what I'd expect from a "leading" organization. (Heck, a search of my name gives dozens of correct hits, and I am not even running a business.) They offer no address (Portland House, Gibraltar appears to be merely a mail-drop, with hundreds of diverse businesses using it), no telephone number for ordering (only for tracking), and online chat support always seems to be "offline" (unavailable). To make matters worse, their FAQ starts out reasonable, then zings you with warnings about transactions in Malaysian currency, and then preemptively scolds you, saying "We will not tolerate credit card charge backs under any circumstances" promising that they'll work it out with you via their "structured reship and refund procedure". Yea, but we still really don't know who they are or where they live. Okay, maybe they have had some difficult customers, but does that really warrant the fine print in their "terms and conditions" whereby you pledge never to bring legal action of any kind against them? Has that actually been a problem? And what about the part where they (repeatedly) warn against credit card fraud, and threaten that "your name and identifying information about you may (at our discretion) be published."? They're really playing hardball here, and that last bit would be flat-out illegal in the USA! In their favor, Pharmacy Network does accept both MasterCard and Visa, whereas many others only accept Visa (or demand wired cash), and this suggested to me that they were meeting MasterCard's anti-scam requirements, and that made them somewhat more legitimate from my (perhaps ill-advised) viewpoint.?

So I went ahead and ordered a handful of different medicines. Pricing was in some cases only half what some of the top-rated pharmacies here on are asking, for example, a pack of ten vardenafil 20mg pills costs $15. And most prices are low even if you order just a few pills. In some cases a generic brand was parenthetically named; in other cases, although the major brand was named, it was clear that a no-name generic would be shipped. Although I had legitimate prescriptions, there was no need to submit them to Pharmacy Network (only required for delivery to Germany and Canada). I received email confirmations at the time of placing my order, and again at the time of billing.

Upon placing my order, they used their own approximate currency conversion rate to change my order to Malaysia Ringgits, (1:3.5), which favors the pharmacy by a small amount. When my credit card was billed two days later, the banks used the exact conversion of the moment. At the end of the month, my bank statement showed the merchant as being "DISCOVERE" from "KUALA LUMPUR", and indicated the transaction in Malaysian Ringgits. And my bank added a 3% "foreign transaction fee" which is just my bank being greedy (I'll avoid the political commentary that I'm feeling the urge to put here). None of this was a surprise, all was outlined on the Pharmacy-Network website and FAQ.

Twelve business days after placing my order (18 calendar days), the medicine arrived, discreetly packed, and signature required. Easily within the timeframe promised on their website. The package return address named "Supreme Suppliers" of Mumbai, India, which seems to have a bad reputation from consumer postings elsewhere on the web, but I have no complaints. The medicines were exactly as I expected, mostly major-brand products, and they seem to work well. All medicines had a year or more before their expiry dates. The Kamagra tablets had the manufacturer's holographic seal, and the tiny generic vardenafil proved its potency in characteristic fashion. See the photos I've posted on, under my username "mks-magician":

I am pleased with the value offered by, the range of products offered on their website, the ease of use and organization of the website, and the speed of delivery. I have not received any junk-email or sales phone calls, nor noted any unauthorized charges on my bank card, to date. I penalized them several ratings-stars for poor customer service (limited phone and contact info), a couple stars for their website because of the threatening tone, a star for reliability because they did not inspire confidence, and a star for delivery because 18 days is still a long while to wait for medicine, even if within the promised period, and $18 is a lot for airmail, especially for smaller orders, and is over 10-times the actual postage applied to the parcel. But overall, this was a satisfactory merchant, and I will most likely be ordering again. I wish they were more upfront with their identity, location, and contact information.

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