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I like this site because you have total control over what medication you want. You are able to choose the manufacturer. I have researched tadalafil quite a bit and came to the conclusion Cipla was the best manufacturer, and their Tadacip 20mg is the best Cialis generic. I went ahead and ordered Tadacip by Cipla, and that is exactly what I got!!!

For some reason it took the pharmacy 2 weeks to get it in the mail, but once they did it was here in less than a week ( I did pay for EMS courier ). From what I can tell, the actual pharmacy is a different entity the ...... So was not responsible for the delay. I gave customer service a 3 because it takes a couple days for them to get back to you, and I gave Speed of delivery a 3 for the delay in shipment. But to be fair, EMS delivery was a fast as promised. I will do business again.

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