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This website has a nasty taste to it.

Like several others, my experience with this website has not been good. I placed my order and waited for the confirmation email to arrive. It didn't. Instead two attempts were made to withdraw the funds from my credit card, one being successful.

When I followed this up through the website email address I was told that they had no record the transaction. It was also a little suspect in that the name of the company on the transaction email was different to When bringing up the website from the authorised email:, its FAQ's was almost identical to, which makes me believe that it's another name for the same company.

I would be interested to know if anybody that has successfully purchased from has appearing on their CC statement. For the supposed company that I went through, WXXNZZ.COM appears. Is this the same for If so, it would confirm my suspicions that they are the same company and the no record of transaction is just a blatant untruth.

With this all said, I am now into a long email conversation which appears to indicate that that are going to deny any knowledge of the transaction and I will have to go to my CC company and report it as fraud. Very sad as it is the first attempt to use this service

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