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Surprise!!!! I got a package in the mail with 90 tablets of Vidalista 20 from Centurion Laboratories with a return address in Singapore.

There was no emails what-so-ever from Premium Medical so it was a surprise. Since I ordered "generic cialis" I guess I got what I ordered, but never again.

My particular shipment got me up, so I dropped the dispute, but I will never order from them again. Centurion has a bad reputation elsewhere on this site, but my lady friend is happy, so I can't complain.

I am crossing Premium Medical off my list although I got something that works. They need to learn to communicate, which they do not. Try GD instead and order by tradename. I Ordered Tadacip speciflying the supplier -- the tradename holder -- supply the drug. IF NOT dispute time.

(Updated: May 27, 2015)
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