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I tried to place an order for 60 ambien two weeks ago but Amex rejected the payment request. I hadn't got around to contacting Amex to clear the payment but received a call at the weekend from a lady purporting to be from She said as a 'premium customer' they wanted to re-attempt to place my order and that the issues with Amex were now sorted. As she had all my details, including my card details, I assumed (incorrectly) that she was from so agreed to proceed. I was a bit suspicious as she was trying to hard sell me to buy more product or increase the price to have the goods shippied from within the UK (which immediatley caused alarm bells as I know they couldn't be sourced legally from within the UK). However, in the end I agreed on an order for 90 ambien. I received an email a few days later confirming the order and realised that somthing was amiss as the URL was for I looked them up on this site only to discover they are one of the dodgy scam operators. I have reported this to Amex as a fraudulent transaction and Amex confirmed they will be taking the matter up and refunding me. Clearly though my details were obtained by from which I am very disappointed about having had a good experience with before. I guess you learn every day!

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