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Do not do business with, they are

DO NOT do business with these people. They will steal from you if you give them the chance. I did a high volume of business with them for meds that are necessary for survival. The first few problem. Then, they stole my money, never delivered my order, and are so rude and terrible when I call. I spoke to the "supervisors" who were even worse. On top of this, you should be aware that your card or bank account will probably be compromised (this is not just a suspicion).

They will not honor the shipping you pay for. Everything is overpriced. They are horrible to customers. They will steal from you.

You should also be aware that you'll get "product" from a different supplier with each shipment that you are lucky enough to receive. I am a scientist and took the time to analyze said was aspirin.

There are plenty of decent sites out there. Whatever you do, stay away from these thieves.

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December 03, 2011
Hello: I whole heartedly agree that the companies and their representatives are cowards, liars and thieves. At first the Xanax was of an acceptable quality but by the third order the "brand" Xanax had no potency. I tracked the last favorable order of "brand" Xanax from the Miami, Florida area. The last order, the worthless one, came from Texas. The representative was Jake West and he knew damn well that the last order was a scam. I've not heard from him since. He'd be a sorry-ass SOB if we ever came face-to-face.
1 results - showing 1 - 1