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I placed an order with them through a sales rep over the phone and they completely forgot about my order that was supposed to arrive in 14 days. They claimed it was coming from inside the US but I highly doubt it. I called at the 14 day mark and left a message and the rep called me back and had to place the order all over again, except now they wanted to charge me an extra $20 for shipping costs that I was not to be charged previously. After placing the order I felt uncomfortable with the situation and looked them up online. They are apparently related to because they actually forgot to change the text in part of their FAQ, where is menitoned by name. If you wanna read about lost orders and stolen money from customers go to: After viewing this info. it confirmed my suspicions and I spent close to two hours on the phone with customer service trying to cancel the order. It was finally cancelled and I eventually persuaded themt osen dme a confirmation e-mail of its cancelation as documentation. The sales rep called me back the next day only to bitch me out for 10 minutes and then claim that he was still going to put the order through. Thsi shows that they are completely unprofessional and untrustworthy in my book. I warne dhim that if they try to withdraw from my account with an e-check that I will dispute it with my bank and he just hung up on me. Now I'm just waiting to see if anything shows up on my account or not for the next week or so. There are many othe rplaces that provide quality customer service and good prices without the discomfort and uncertainty of this group.

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