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Always excellent service, so much so I continue to recommend them. Editor should base his/her findings on facts and not hearsay. I agree that any editor review is valueless until they order themselves! Stands to reason. Then your feedback would truly be unbiased.

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May 06, 2013
Wow! So basicly, you don't know anymore about this pharmacy than I do. I know, you should be a food critic and instead of eating the food yourself, just walk around asking everyone else "How's your dinner??" Then write an article of weither you believed them or not! And then tell us if you think we should spend our money there or not. It's the same thing your doing here, so why not?? Really people, I have never ordered my meds online before and I just ordered from 2 companies off the "Blacklisted" pages because they had better customer reviews than anything on any "Top-rated" ones. Most customers, (like for this site as well), couldn't understand where your "info" came from b/c its the exact opposite of what reality is. If I give you $100.00 can I be on "Top" too??
1 results - showing 1 - 1