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Successful purchase

I recently ordered from this website and recieved my package in less then 2 weeks. The Meds have been affective in combating my sleeping disorder and I will surely order from this site again. I have had some unsuccessful purchases in the past from a couple online pharmacies, which is why I am writing this review in appreciation of being able to purchase my meds online without any problems. I have no Health insurance at the present time and would be desperate for relief, if sites like this didnt exist. This site should not be black listed, I cant imagine why it was in the first place.

Andrew bewelet
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Great when I need a refill

I have been ordering from this site for quite sometime and I haven't had any problems. There was a time a few months ago when there was a delay, but I was contacted by email and I called to confirm and they were very polite and courteous regarding the matter and I got my phentermine in the time that they told me with the delay and also provided me with a nice coupon for money off my next purchase

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