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I placed my initial order 13 months ago. It took a month before anything "shipped." I received the smallest and cheapest part of my order in a little over a month after that (penicillin). A year later, after being issued 2 vouchers because nothing was delivered, they informed they did not have a reliable supplier for the medication I ordered. I then ordered replacement medication. They finally use EMS on certain items. Problem is the tracking number was invalid!! I emailed them and they said they would reship...which was funny to me since it was obvious it never did. Then six weeks later I got my order of hydrocodone!!! And there was even 45 extra included!! Sadly...they were not actually vicodin. Even the place that it was stated they came from does not have that medication listed as one they manufacture. I was not surprised. I emailed them and told them of my situation. After paying over $600 and waiting a year I still am at a loss. They said they would reship it. I'll update when it gets here, though that may be months from now. They seem to be getting their shit together in comparison from last year. I am pleased they use a reliable trackable mail system now. My advice would be to order the smallest amount available of what you need and wait it out before trying any more, unless you are ordering things such as sleep aids, antibiotics, and the like. Yes, they will respond quickly, and issue vouchers with no problem. If they could get reliable suppliers and get their act together they may be able to redeem themselves. Until then, don't waste your money or time :(

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