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I ordered Ativan 2.5mg 100 tabs and received 90 2mg tabs. I wasn't surprised as I never heard of 2.5mg Ativan before.
The positives are the lowest prices I've ever seen. Some are are almost free. Also even though I received 10 less
than ordered, the 90 I received were blister packed and great quality as compared to many online pharmacies that
send pills loose in an unlabled bag, which could be arsenic for all I know as there aren't even any markings on the pills
for ID either.
Delivery time was average for international shipping.
Also I placed another order, was larger, and they gave me free shipping which was not even advertised.
Overall, because of the peace of mind of blister packed medication from India (usually great pharmaceuticals come from India)
that was obviously made by a REAL Pharmaceutical Company and the ROCK BOTTOM prices, I would give them an overall score of 5 *****'s.
I've ordered two products this time so I'll give an update, but I really feel no worries. As a Pharmacy Technician in one of the
largest Hospitals in the US for 15 yrs., I feel qualified to rate them as all there informatioon they provide
about there products are accurate. Don't let the roughly put together website fool you. I've gotton crap from
some very beautiful looking websites, so as they say, don't judge a book by its cover.

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August 22, 2011
A very suspicious review of a blacklisted site from Kenneth Smith. He claims to be a pharm tech for 15 years, yet he doesn't know that Ativan comes in 2.5 mg doses nor the difference between "there" and "their"? Sorry, I don't trust reviews from the barely literate.
Mariam Webster
October 24, 2011
i find this whole story to be false also. this company scams people and he probably works for them. They have not shipped out meds since may 2011 and cry about financial difficulties. they are telling customers that they can not send refunds anymore because of a massive amount of existing back orders could put them out of business. did you notice that they only accept an e-check or western union?? DONT BE STUPID! These guys are scam artists
mark martindale
July 21, 2014
In reply to an earlier comment

Agreed, any pharmacist of 15 years would simply go to their Doctor for a prescription, and I'm fairly sure that pharmacy techs get piss tested.
3 results - showing 1 - 3