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cheapscrips has in the past been extremely reliable for every medication they list. Lately as with most online pharmacies if you want controlled substances then simply do not go to cheapscrips. US Health pharmacies via the USDEA has been making sure that US companies control this lucrative market. However if you want Antibiotics or the like then Cheapscrips is the BEST pharmacy online with excellent prices. Expect your order to arrive in 30 days. Expect to order AntiBiotics 30 days ahead of time buying enuogh to tide you over for awhile. They are reliable for any medication EXCEPT Scheduled Narcotics. They had to stop reliability of these shipments due to the Federal Government controlling everything Americans do. You will receive a pill that in no way has any semblance of what may or may not be inside that pill. American Health Industry is to blame for this as the control American Congresmen through Lobby money. Antibiotics are great though.

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